Laboratories of Animal Husbandry

In order to create relationship and equivalence between education and business, Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry has laboratories and development center (experiment farm with 3 hectare). These are:
  1. Laboratory of Nutrition,
  2. Laboratory of Technology of Livestock and Fishery Products,
  3. Laboratory of reproduction and breeding cattle,
  4. Laboratory of Fishery which covers Dry and Wet Laboratories.

Besides, Laboratory of Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Fishery is completed with Laboratory of Field such as Experimental Farm and Animal Feed Factory.


Laboratory of Nutrition

As a laboratory for analyzing the composition of chemical substances in the ingredient for animal and fish feed and in food.


Laboratory of Technology of Livestock and Fishery Products

Having function to process the livestock and fishery products and quality test of the product. This laboratory includes the laboratory of chicken slaughterhouse completed with the processing. 


Laboratory of wet Fishery

Having function to learn the management or process of breeding, nursery and rearing fish.


Dry Lab

Having function to learn the process of examining disease, genogenesis, observing anatomy and physiology of fish, feed analysis, place of natural cultur for observing gonad cell.


Experimental Farm

Having a role to support the activities of practice and trial research in the field toward the livestock directly.

Experimental farm consists of :

  1. 2 unit ren stalls (with yard) for broiler chicken
  2. 2 unit stalls for ras/buras laying chicken (arab chicken)
  3. 1 unit stall for deer,
  4. 1 unit stall for Manila duck,
  5. 1 unit stall for sheep,
  6. 1 unit stall for dairy cows and beef cattle,
  7. 3 unit Biogas reactors,
  8. 5000 m² area of Forage Green Area (HMT)
  9. 1 Unit SILO (place for making silase)
  10. 1 Unit feed factory which consists of Mixer machine and Grinder that functions as laboratory of feed production. It is a combination of several practices such as Ingredient for Animal Feed, Ransum Formulation, Processing Nutrition Science until the pemasatan. Besides, it is used to do biology test for the animal feed.