Arabic and Islamic Studies Laboratory

This unit is one of academic supporting units in Islamic Faculty (FAI). Managed by a head from lecturer, an operational personnel, and two assistant staffs. This laboratory is intended for FAI students, lecturers, and other enthusiasts outside FAI. Conducting Arabic learning development programs and Islamic study by empowering elctronic media such as computer.

Laboratory Purposes

  1. Developing Arabic teaching program in FAI specifically and in UMM environment in general. 
  2. Developing Arabic and Islamic Studies learning and teaching media through computer.
  3. Giving profession skill for Islamic study and Arabic through computer.


  1. Operating learning program, training, and Arabic course and Islamic studies.
  2. Arranging curriculum, books, and modul for Arabic.
  3. Creating Arabic and Islamic Studies teaching media.
  4. Conducting seminar and the like for Arabic and computer learning development for Islamic studies.

Implementation Pattern

For one year, all FAI students are obliged to take Arabic mastery program, so in the second year and next, the students can use the skill to study Islam optimally. For three courses (al-Qur’an study, Hadits study, and Fiqih study) each of them are taught with Arabic introduction. For the students who write thesis with Arabic, they are given discretion to use laboratory computer.