Biology Laboratory

Biology laboratory has purpose and function as an educational and research laboratory which will apply and develop theories and concepts in biology and other related fields.

Biology laboratory is used to conduct practicum of 5 education units, they are:


FMIPA Department, Biology Study Program for 17 Practicum Courses

General Microbiology, Applied Microbiology I (food and industry), Applied Microbiology II ((environment) General Biology, Environment Knowledge, Tissue Culture, Micro-engineering, Parasitology, Histology, Science of Nutrition Principles, Animal Physiology, Plant Physiology, Food Processing, Invertebrata Animal Syatematics, Plant Anatomy, Human Anatomy and Physiology.


Agriculture Faculty

  • Agronomy and Agribusiness Department, for three practicum courses:
  1. Agriculture General Biology 
  2. General Botany, and
  3. Plant Physiology
  • THP Department (Agriculture Product technology) 2 Practicum Courses, they are:
  1. Agriculture General Biology
  2. General Biology


Diploma III Nursing, for three practicum courses

  1. Parasitology
  2. Microbiology, and
  3. Human Anatomy and Physiology 


Biology Laboratory also serves SMU practicum around University of Muhammadiyah Malang

Biology laboratory is used as research laboratory for the students, lecturers, and students of high school around campus. Besides, serves practicum, in every semester, biology laboratory serves several research types related to:

  1. Various kinds of substance test, for example, sugar level test, vitamin test, protein test, fat test, carbohydrate test, caffeine test, clorofil test.
  2. Microbiology quality test and clean water quality test, wastewater test, etc.
  3. Identification of microba, low-level plant, spikes, etc.
  4. Microtechnic preparat making and other plants, such as: cut section preparat, wholemount preparat, maserasi squash preparat, fresh preparat with coloring. 


Tools Owned by Biology Laboratory are

Spectrophotometer, microtome, rotay evaporator, preparat photo, coat tissue, colony counter, hand tally counter, sactodensimeter, stethoscope, spinomsnometer, haemositometer, soil tester, urinometer, anemometer, microscope (light : monocular and binocular, binocular electricity), planimeter, microkjedal, pH meter digital, altimeter, oxygen meter, desiccator, lux meter, temsimeter digital, refractometer, COD bottle, slide projector, sentrifuge, incubator, autokalf, water bath, oven, refrigator, termometer (body, room, environment and land) autoclix blood lanset, various glass tools, various props, dissetiingset, and so on.

For short term, Biology laboratory gives practicum service in every semester for three faculties, they are FFTE, Agriculture Faculty, and Nursing Academy, also high schools around Malang that haven't had laboratory. Meanwhile, for middle term, those laboratories develop educational media production, and learning and teaching process training unit. For long term, those laboratories are expected to be part of UMM biotechnology production unit.