social welfare laboratory


The existence of this laboratory is extended to give means of developing expertise and student skill in the field of social welfare which is related with social functioning both in individual, family/group or community.

Function and Purpose

The functions of social welfare laboratory are:

  1. As support unit in implement “Tri Dharma” college
  2. As means of skill development and student self potential in academic activities, such as discussion, analyzing social problem, research, training, and practicum
  3. As information source related with social problems
  4. As means of foster the entrepreneurial spirit among student, trough TOT Social entrepreneurship training  

Laboratory purpose social welfare department is:

  1. Foster professional attitude in the field of social welfare based on values and code of ethics social worker
  2. Give skill provisions in the field of social welfare especially in social intervention mastery both in micro or macro
  3. Foster the social entrepreneurial spirit based on Islamic value as an effort to bridge between education worlds with needs in society

Practicum Material

As in general the education purpose is to produce the power who master the knowledge learned and also able to apply in real live, as well as purpose of social welfare education to produce scholar in the field of social welfare who able to mastery the theory and has the expertise and skill in the field of social welfare.

 Practicum 1 (odd semester in semester V)

This practicum oriented to solve the problem by individual, family/group then practicum materials 1 directed to the theory and analyze the problem by individually and family/group. By subject matter that support is Social case work and social group work

Practicum purpose is:

  • The student able to undergo good relation with other institution/party as a place first practicum implementation
  • The student able to arrange action plan activities (intervention) with individual, group/family in developing a change of plan
  • The student able to arrange case record, case process and case study
  • The student able to implement the intervention either independently or as part of a work team in an institution/social entity organizing the social welfare undertaking

Practicum II (even semester in semester VI)

Second practicum oriented in organizing and community development so that this practicum material II oriented to theory and analyzing community problem, with subject matter that support are Community Organization and Community Development (CO/CD)

Practicum purposes are:

  • The student able to identify community need, recognize and understand the potential, problems and external resources required system
  • Determine/compose appropriate forms of intervention based on understanding the problem with community in to work program with oriented to priority scale.
  • To train the student to work in one team work that is the nature of intervention of social workers in the community
  • The student able to evaluate and termination from planned changes that have been done

Practicum III (odd semester in semester VII)

Third practicum is combination between practicum I and practicum II so often called with integrated practicum.

Laboratory Facilities

For support the activities in department of social welfare laboratory already available hardware and software facilities. Hardware consists of building and laboratory facilities, library. While its software available video cassette about social problem in every country as study material and analytical problem. Documentation and thematic material about HIV/AIDS, promiscuity and adolescent mischief in Indonesia, and also other equipment which supports practical implementation I,II and III. There is also a report result on the research lecturer and student about social problem.