Medical Laboratory


Medical subject is the subject that based on theory and practicum, with the conformity between theory and practicum the student can know directly and able to apply in family, industrial accompanies or community.  

The purposes and laboratory function at medical faculty of UMM

  1. To support the process of learning and teaching in medical subjects
  2. To give equipped of skills to student before entering profession stage
  3.  To give the opportunity in order to develop the theory and concept of medical field and other field

Biomedical laboratory

In the context of efficiency place and infrastructure, medical faculty umm designing the laboratory as well as possible then can be used for many subjects which is based on the theory and practicum. Biomedical laboratory consists of:

  1. Integrated Laboratory
  2. Pharmacology Laboratory
  3. Physiology Laboratory
  4. Anatomy Laboratory
  5. AVI Laboratory

Integrated laboratory

The facilities of integrated laboratory: 1. Olympus Microscope every 2 students (70 microscopes), preserved collection of micro and macros complete, bacteria culture collection, complete urinalysis equipment and hematologic, and also supported advanced multimedia equipment.

  1. Medical biology
  2. Histology
  3. Medical microbiology
  4. Medical parasitological
  5. Clinical pathology
  6. Anatomic pathalogy

Pharmacology laboratory

Pharmacology laboratory faculty UMM: with the facility equipment analgesimeter, Isolated organ bath, Kymograph recorder, experimental animal cages, and also supported advanced multimedia equipment.

Laboratory of physiology of medical faculty

Laboratory of physiology of medical faculty UMM: with ECG test equipment facility, spirometer,  BMR, Aerocycle, Audiometer, eye test, etc.  

Anatomy laboratory

Anatomy laboratory medical faculty UMM: with representative space laboratory facility, cold storage which used to care cadaver, dried bloods smear (osteology), wet bloods smear (cadaver).

Anatomy laboratory PPD UMM develop learning media with making dried bloods smear (osteology), and also uses audiovisual teaching anatomy topics.

Anatomy laboratory is expected to be developed for education tourism facilities with modify and develop anatomy science in the form of “museum anatomy”