Nursing Laboratory (1)

Nursing laboratory is an integrated laboratory that becomes the practicum place that gives decription about hospital image, so it can be accessed by nursing and medical, even if possible by other study fields. 

Nursing Laboratory Vission


Becoming an activity center in the implementation of Tri Dharma of Higher Education for all academician, especially for Bachelor Degree and Diploma Nursing of University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


Nursing Laboratory Mission

  1. Implementing nursing practicum agenda both as part of academic and non academic program
  2. Supporting community service program
  3. Organizing Expertise and Nursing Training
  4. Organizing nursing development
  5. Developing expertise/skill and research in nursing 
  6. Also supporting various programs for the development of Nursing Profession

Intention and Purpose 

The availability of nursing laboratory is intended to : 
  1. Develop Nursing skill
  2. Become a learning media before practicing in the field (Hospital/Puskesmas/Community)
  3. Become a place/discussion media/problems analysis/Nursing topics to improve Professional Nursing model 
  4. Increase skill in analyzing Nursing problem in giving Nursing training 
  5. Increase skill in solving various nursing problems
  6. Prepare the graduate who has competency in nursing 
  7. Prepare the graduate who can compete in the global world 


The Functions of Nursing Laboratory are:  
  1. To help the process of nursing practicum learning and teaching process continuity 
  2. To help student/lecturer to study independently to increase nursing skill
  3. To give chance to student to be assistant as cadre formation in accordance with the specification
  4. As mini hospital that gives real overview to student about the program, situation, and routineness in the Hospital
  5. To hold Nursing Practicum Program both Regular and Non Regular, and both Curricular and non curricular
  6. To hold Nursing consultation
  7. To hold Nursing Training 
  8. To hold Community Service 
  9. Nursing Information Source