Psychology Laboratory (1)



As a study field, psychology is always demanded to make various developments and find new things simultaneously with the development of human civilization. In psychology history, the role of psychology laboratory is very dominant, this is proven that psychology study field is stated as a study field that cannot be independent since Wundt develops his laboratory.

The longer psychology laboratory, the more it shows important role in the development of psychology science in various life aspects; clinical, education, social, and industry, therefore it is not too excessive if Faculty of Psychology of University of Muhammadiyah Malang attempts as much as possible to develop and use laboratory as one of learning, training, and skill development media for the students so the graduates really have skill that can be used to develop themselves and the wider community.




Becoming a Psychology Laboratory which is excellent in Islamic knowledge, humanity, and science and technology.


Implementing and developing psychology science through education, training, and skill of science and technology development based on demand and need of the people based on Islamic and humanity value. 



  1. Giving support of practical skill enhancement service through practicum and training to psychology study program and other study fields at University of Muhammadiyah Malang. 
  2. Giving chance to academician; lecturer and student to develop knowledge & professionalism in psychology. 
  3. Developing prototype of measurement and experimentation model in psychology that is useful for the community.
  4. Developing applied knowledge that can be used practically in the community.



  1. Helping the continuity of learning and teaching process/the implementation of psychological test practicum and courses that need analysis and practical application.
  2. Helping student/lecturer to study independently about psychological test, experimentation, and development and other scientific informations.
  3. Helping to provide facility for student/lecturer to develop measurement tool and psychological test and other researches.
  4. Giving debriefing of self development, career, and work preparation to the students before entering the world of work (final semester students).