Tentang UMM



The Climate of Learning in the Harmony of the Education City

Located in Malang City and Regency, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) presents a comfortable learning atmosphere in the city of cool air. Being an Education City that has around 80 campuses, Malang is thick with an academic atmosphere.

In every corner of the city, you can easily find areas of students doing various activities. Starting from discussion, sports, to culinary. Besides being attracted by local students, Malang is also an attractive destination for international students.

The natural topography, hospitality of the people, and cultural acculturation which are washed away in harmony are the main attraction.

Established since 1964, UMM is committed to delivering the next generation to grow and develop into professional people. In wrapping the harmony of various backgrounds in the academic community, the white campus is also a place that is also rich in culture.

Prioritizing achievements, UMM is ready to make future leaders that contribute to various sectors. Ranging from government, industry, academic to entrepreneurship.