UMM Short Profile


University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) was established in 1964 under the Muhammadiyah Organization. Achieving A accreditation (BAN-PT 2017), the campus with the slogan "From Muhammadiyah for Nations" has 10 faculties with 60 departments consisting of Diploma III, Undergraduate, Bachelor, Doctoral, and Professional Programs. Through the spirit of progress that lives throughout the academic community, the learning atmosphere is built. Here, the next generation of the nation is not only formed into a superior person but also ready to make a positive contribution to the world.


Campus I
Jl. Bandung No. 1 Malang
Phone: +62 341 551253 Fax: +62 341 562124

Campus II
Jl. Sutami Dam 188A Malang
Phone: +62 341 551149 Fax: +62 341 582060

Campus III
Jl. Raya Tlogomas No. 246 Malang, East Java, Indonesia
Phone: +62 341 464318 (Hunting)

Instagram: @ummcampus
Twitter: @UMMCampus
Facebook: Muhammadiyah University of Malang, link:
Youtube: @UMMTube