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Student Administration


Student Administration

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has Academic Administration Bureau (BAA) as one of the means for students to manage various administrative interests, such as the registration of new students, re-registration of old students, managing students temporary study (BSS) or academic leave to become an active student again.  And the the administrative process of temporary stop study is:


Process for Academic Leave

1.   Have a consultation at BAA to discuss the completion of the administrative document for academic leave based on the schedule on the academic calendar.

2. The academic leave application must be completed with:

a. Dean's signature based on the faculty,

b. Photocopy of Student Card (KTM),

c. A document clarifying the student is free from debt from Financial Bureau,

d. Letter from the library.

3. After completing the academic leave application students must bring the document to BAA at the re-registration counter to receive the letter of acedemic leave. 


Process for Re-registration for Current Students

1) Pay the re-registration fee based on provision to BNI Bank/Jatim Bank.

2) Pick up the course offering at faculty administration by showing receipt of re-registration payment and having no other fees.

3) Have a consultation with the guardian lecturer and seek approval for subjects. Once the subjects have been approved the list of courses is to be stamped in the administrative office in Faculty/Department

4) Using the Online Courses Programming in computer laboratory the student completes the re-registration based on the determined schedule  by showing;

a. Receipt of re-registration payment,

b. Showing Student Card (KTM)

c. Showing course which have been approved by the guardian lecture (as in point 4).

5) Receiving the Provisional Student Study Card (KSMS) as evidence that the student is a current student.




Process of becoming a Current Student again

A. To become a current student again (without academic leave letter):


1. Have a consultation to BAA to discuss the complete document of proposal to become a current student again based on the schedule of the academic calendar.

2. Proposal letter to be a current student again should include:

 (a) Signature of Dean/Vice Dean I for the faculty.

 (b) Signature of Financial Section.

 (c) Photocopy of Student Card (KTM).

 (d) Photocopy of Academic Transcript (Subjects which had been taken/KHS).

3. After document  to become a current student again has been completed the student takes the document to BAA at re-registration counter to receive the letter of current student.

B. To become a current student again (using academic leave letter)

For the students who have an academic leave letter they only need to bring one copy of the letter and confirm they are a  current student to BAA at re-registration counter.


Process for Moving to Another University

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