Rector: Keep the Balance

Author : Humas | Saturday, November 21, 2009

           UMM Rector, Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP, called for UMM lecturers and staffs to maintain a balance between work and family affairs, as well as private business and institution. In UMM, it is alright to have activities outside, for example, doing research, short course or cooperation with other parties. However, the priority must always be at UMM. That was a part of recitation conclusions conveyed in front of lecturers and staffs of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) UMM, Thursday (11/18).

           Conversely, UMM would also continuously improve its welfare system for employees. One of them is by ensuring the health insurance and retirement security. "The scheme could be two options taken directly or are paid every month after retirement age," said the Rector. UMM could be the first private university and the only one which applies retirement security for its employees.

           Thus, the Rector hoped all the elements in UMM are to confirm the choice here fully and sincerely. Although it is considered reasonable for those who are still searching and experimenting outside UMM, but there are times to show themselves and being consistent on one option. "Insyaallah working here is not only thinking about the material, but also a great blessing from God," he continued.

           On the other hand, the Rector also stressed the importance of young lecturers to immediately strengthen their academic determination either through further study or discussion and research. It is because, according to him, through the young lecturers, the future of UMM is expected to be more advanced.

           In Islamic teaching presented the former Vice Rector IV KH Hasyim Abdullah was followed by all lecturers, staffs and part timer staffs if Faculty of Social and Political Science. The Dean, Dr. Wahyudi stated he would make it into tradition of this spiritual debriefing every month as a means of reminding each other and building organizational culture. (hlw/t_alf)



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