General Information

Simultaneously with the reformation in this country, Civic study program through its vision and mission intends to bring its students to be professional bachelors in their study field, have high integrity and work ethics, honest, fair, and have dedication to the religion, nation, and country besides having good morality based on Pancasila and UUD 1945. For the realization of that target, this department has reconstructed curriculum in integrated way between theory and practice with interdisciplinary approach in the sinergy between the science of politics, law, constitution, education, and ethics.
Meanwhile, for its achievement in applicative way, the students will conduct field practice by direct observation through visit to the state institutions (Legislative, executive, and judicative) in central, regional, and private institution, in addition to the existing laboratories. For example, The Center of Teaching and Community Empowerment for Democracy and Welfare (P3MDK) of Civic Department, Learning Source Center (PSB), Computer Lab.(CH FKIP-UMM) and Cooperation Institution of National Character Growth (LKPKB) as its member, and judiciary laboratory of Law (Cooperated with FH-UMM).
Thus, hopefully, later, the graduates are not only mature in profession education consisting of being the teacher of civic, state structure, Social Science (IPS), but also as political observer, politician, or reporter in addition to be able to work in state and private institution. To support the second profession, the department have completed and developed its curriculum by adding the courses which are relevant with the demand of the workplace, they are English (similar to D1), journalistic, and computer skill.