General Information

Sociology Master Program is a study center in which it is excellent in developing work ethic and scientific tradition. Both of them are essential to the society development in the present and the future. Therefore, it is expected that the outcomes of the program is a master-level education. They are expected to be able in not only mastering and developing scientific tradition to develop society, but also having an open insight that goes beyond the boundaries of science.
The department is trusted to organize the scholarship BPPS program from Dikti kemendikbud RI. The participant this department that qualified can receive BPPS scholarship which include payment of tuition fee, allowance and book money. This department is purposes produce sociology magister accordance with the field / selected concentration, there are: 1) having the comprehensive sociology insight, 2) having the ability to analyze, devise, and formulate the development policy base on sociology approach, and 3) having the ability to manage every human resource and existing social power. This program was offered 3 choices of concentration, there are: 1) political sociology, 2) communication sociology and 3) development sociology and social policy.