Accounting Study Program

UMM Accounting Department is aimed to produce the bachelor of economics who has competency in accounting that can manage organizational financial activity and has ability in controlling and analyzing financial information of business organization and public sector. This department is accredited with grade "A".

The curriculum is designed into several study field concentrations, they are: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Information System, Auditing, Taxation, Sharia Accounting, Enterpreneurship, and public sector Accounting. UMM Accounting study program develops a series of academic activities that can increase student added value in various passions (tax certificate, company visit, internship, sharia accounting workshop, and short course of export import management).

Accounting laboratory becomes the implementation basis of service, trade, and industry company, accounting audit, taxation, and research methodology. All practicums are designed manually and computer based.

To shorten the student study period, UMM accounting study program designs acceleration program of thesis writing with label "The workshop of thesis proposal writing enrichment". This program has been proven successful to make the student can finish thesis writing in approximately 4 months. 

The network of accounting study program alumni and alumni forums are developed as one of information sources and access to the world of work. This pattern is proven can shorten waiting period of the alumni in getting job.