Ironically Indonesian Fishery Condition

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 14, 2017 17:58 WIB


Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries RI 2 Period 2001-2004, Prof. Dr. Ir. Rokhmin Dahuri Ms, attended National Discussion commemorating Nusantara Day at UMM. (Photo: Beni Humas)
Fishery conditions in Indonesia is ironic. The reason, in the midst of large market needs, Indonesia is still import a lot of technology to catch fish from abroad.
"In fact, if it is examined more deeply to catch fish and perform fish financing, it is easy to make," said Dr. Ir. Rokhmin Dahuri, MS on a national discussion entitled "Warisan Ir.H.Juanda, Development Solutions of Archipelago".
In the event held to commemorate Nusantara Day by Department of Fisheries Students Association (HMJ) of Fisheries University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) in cooperation with Fisheries Student Association of Indonesia (Himapikani) Rokhmin delivered his speech.
According to him, currently most Indonesian people consume animal protein derived from fish. Unfortunately, this is not matched by the availability of technology for adequate fishing.
"According to the data, 65 percent of animal protein consumed by society in Indonesia is not derived from terrestrial animals, but from fish," Rokhmin explained, Wednesday (13/12).
In addition to Rokhmin, this national discussion was also attended by various stakeholders from world of fisheries in Indonesia, including professors Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Bogor Agricultural University (FPIK-IPB), Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Ari Purbayanto, M.Sc., Secretary General of Nusantara Fishery Community, Nimmi Zulbainarni, Chairman of the Indonesian Fishermen Alliance (ANNI), Riyono S.Kel, M.Si, and fisherman figures from Pati and Rembang.
Dean of Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP) of UMM, Dr. Ir. David Hermawan, MP, welcomed this discussion. In addition to providing solutions for fisheries in Indonesia, he also hoped this discussion could provide insight to students of fisheries courses.
"I hope this kind of discussion can also provide a good academic atmosphere for faculty, especially for Fisheries Studies Program of UMM," he said.
On the second day, this national discussion discussed "Resolution and Acceleration of Fisheries Development in Indonesia to Facing the Era of Globalization". This event presented TNI Admiral (Ret.), Tedjo Edhy P as keynote speaker, Member of Commission IV of House of Representatives, Ono Surono ST, ASTUIN general secretary, Hendra Sugandhi, and MAI General Secretary , Agung Sudaryono. (ard)


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