Economy Faculty (EF) UMM was established on 1964. In that time, EF only had one department. It was Company Economy Departments which was the branch of Economy Faculty University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta. The condition of the nation at that time forced to stop the operational which made the institute were activated again in 1977.

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Diploma (III) Finance and Banking


Location : Lecturer Building (GKB) II

Web  : http://feb.umm.ac.id

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Phone : +62 341 464318-19 (hunting) Ext. 215, 211, 212




EF UMM started to develop with the development of campus UMM itself in 1980s. It could be seen in the providing of new departments as the responses of the increasing graduate needed in economy and business field. Accounting Departments was opened in 1985, while Economics Study Program and Development Departments in 1986.  


In the further step, Management Magister study program were opened in 1993 which was the pioneer of the Magister Program in UMM. Moreover, Finance and Banking Diploma Program was opened in 1997 for the result of graduate needed in the middle level.


All of the departments in EF UMM received the accreditation by National Accreditation Broad (BAN). The grade and decree number BAN for all the study programs in EF are available to be seen in Table 1.1. According to the table, there are 2 programs receive A and the other two are B from the total of 4 programs.