Inviting a Famous Philosopher, Tabligh Akbar UMM Gives Tips to Reach the Highest Level of Humans

Author : Humas | Thursday, March 21, 2024 07:53 WIB
The presentation from Dr. H Fahruddin Faiz, M.Ag (Photo: Rino PR).

Life is controlled by two things, the first is lust, and the second is the mind. When lust and the mind cannot be controlled, one's life will be ruined. It was conveyed by Dr. H Fahruddin Faiz, M.Ag., as a philosophy expert and lecturer at the Faculty of Ushuludin and Islamic Studies, UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. He was the speaker at the Tabligh Akbar Semarak Ramadhan event at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on March 19th, 2024.

During the talk, which was entitled 'The Concept of Charity and Fighting for Peace and the Welfare of the Ummah', he said that there are three categories of human beings in living life. The three categories are divided into lust from the stomach to the bottom, lust from the chest to the neck, and lust for the mind.

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The first is the lust of the stomach downwards. The characteristics of people like this are usually looking for pleasure and 'good' necessities only. People with these needs only pursue the needs of the stomach downward. "People with this type usually only pursue pleasure and comfort. When they cannot control this, then there is only fatigue," said the philosopher.

The second is the human that has lust from the chest to the neck. According to Imam Ghozali in the book Ihya Ulumuddin, this group usually has a strong ambition to pursue ideals or power. The disadvantage of this is that those who have this lust are eager to be superior to others. They will rely on their ambition to reach the top position by legalizing any means.

The third group is lust, which is influenced by the mind. According to Fahrudin, the mind is the most sophisticated part that Allah SWT created. The mind has the power to decide right and wrong. "The mind can be a vehicle, if the vehicle is used for positive things, it will be positive. Vice versa, if the vehicle is used for negative things, then the vehicle becomes negative too," he added.

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In addition, he also explained that the highest level of being a human being is when you have unconditional love. This means that when we love someone, we will not allow any bad things to happen to the person we love. For this reason, it is important that humans control their lust. There are several ways taught by Imam Ghozali to control every lust. Among them are iffah, or maintaining honor to keep the lust of the stomach down; sajja'ah, or not following, to keep the lust of the chest to the neck; and hikmah, or giving meaning to everything done to keep the lust of the mind.

Finally, Fahrudin gave advice to the congregation regarding the three main keys to becoming a human being who has a healthy mind for peace and social welfare. The three tips are jihad, mujahadah, and ijtihad.

"Jihad is hard work, ijtihad is smart work, and mujahadah is seeking Allah SWT. When the three keys are practiced, Insya Allah, a better life for oneself and those around them will be achieved," he concluded. (tri/wil/put)



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