UMM Alumni Establish PERIISAI, a Place for Academics to Produce Publications

Author : Humas | Friday, March 05, 2021 10:59 WIB

Hastowohadi, Director of PERIISAI (Photo: Istimewah)

Writing, researching, serving and teaching are a series of assignments for lecturers. To be able to balance everything in running it, many things must be prepared and taken into account. That is the message of Hastowohadi, an alumnus of the English Language Education Study Program of the Muhammadiya University of Malang (UMM), who has succeeded in becoming a "balanced" academician.

"Lecturers are currently being chased by a target to publish their articles in international journals indexed by Scopus, even though lecturers also have many other agendas that must be work on in a balanced way," said Hastowo.

The man who was born in Cluring Village, Banyuwangi, grew up in a family of educators. His mother works as a kindergarten teacher, and his father is a civil servant elementary and junior high school teacher who later became a supervisor. The careers of both of them later sparked enthusiasm for Hastowo to pursue the same profession.

“My father and mother are educators. More or less, the profession of my parents gave me an injection of enthusiasm to pursue the same thing, "explained the lecturer at the Banyuwangi Indonesian Aviation Academy.

Before officially getting his master's degree, Hastowo has officially become a lecturer at the campus. Where he currently teaches. As stated by him, when he became a lecture, he was very aware that he was still new to the world of research and publication. These two things are the life of his profession.

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"Before I graduated from S2 I was a lecturer, but my knowledge about research and publication was minimal," he said.

Realizing this condition, Hastowo is active in studying from one seminar to another. Not infrequently, he must be in debt to friends to attend seminars on research and publications.

“Once, I was determined to go on a motorbike alone to Solo to join a conference, even though I had not paid for it. Alhamdulillah, in the last second, there was a friend who lent me, "explained the man who started his career as a vocational high school teacher.

Unexpectedly, his enthusiasm for participating in various seminars brought him to meet Prof. Handoyo Puji Widodo, a lecturer at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, who broke his anger at the difficulty of conducting scientific publications.

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"Not only teaching how to be a reliable researcher and writer, but Prof. Handoyo also emphasized how to publish Scopus articles for free. In his language, this is Scopus Syariah. Free publication of Scopus articles, ”he added.

Not only active in teaching, Hastowo and his three colleagues Sandy Ferdiansyah, Rahman, and Inayatul Mukaromah, also founded the “Banyuwangi Writing Community” in 2017. The establishment of a community that accommodates lecturers, researchers, academics, and practitioners to learn from each other and produce real work in publications This research and book cannot be separated from the role and cold hand of Prof. Handoyo.

Continuing to grow, in early 2021 this community changed its name to the Association of Indonesian Social Science Researchers and Writers (PERIISAI), with Hastowo as its director. This community that has been incorporated into law has 300 active members.

"Honestly, I did not expect to be appointed as a director. However, with the support of fellow founders and also Prof. Handoyo, I dare to carry out that mandate, "he said. (*/adr/sil)



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