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Information and Communication Institution (Infokom Institution) of University of Muhammadiyah Malang is located at Infokom Building Campus III of UMM, Jl. Raya Tlogomas No. 246 Malang, Phone: 464 318 -19 +62,341 Ext. 158, 159, and 178.  Website: http://infokom.umm.ac.id.  Email: infokom@umm.ac.id. In this case, Infokom institution involves a lot of human resources as Website Development Team.
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Internet connection is supported by: Indosat Mega Media (IM2) and ASTInet Telkom Indonesia
Typical Characteristics

University of Muhammadiyah Malang website (www.umm.ac.id) is dynamically designed. The management is conducted in decentralization system, i.e. sharing with all work units that exist to upload, update, and others. In addition to the dynamic characteristics, the official website of UMM is made with typical characteristics, that is: its basic color, Maroon (In accordance with the almamater jacket). Sub-domain banners are created with the same size and relatively similar design.  The units can change the banners in accordance with the typical characteristics of each work unit.
UMM Website Archive History

University of Muhammadiyah Malang website (www.umm.ac.id) has been started to develop since 1995 (it has just been on website archive of 1998). At that time, UMM website was developed by Internet Management Unit (UPI). The website was still designed in a simple and static website, and it just consisted of single domain. All website managements were handled centrally by UPI.

The existence of this static website had lasted long, that was until the end of 2009. In accordance with the need of ICT service, on December 30, 2008, the rector of UMM established a new institution, namely Information and Communication Institution (Infokom) as the merging of Internet Manager Unit (UPI). Computer UPT and Learning Development Technology UPT (TPP). Infokom institution is responsible for the development of service based information technology at UMM including managing webiste.

In the beginning of 2008, website developer team under infokom institution control started to design a new website. This website was planned to be made in the form of dynamic website. Around March 2009, UMM Published a new website prototype with the different apperance, that was there was menu index in the front page. This prototype was still static website, because menu and content hadn't been filled by other units. UMM dynamic website had been done to be developed and published for the first time on October 27, 2009. This website consisted of approximately 217 sub domains, they were all work unit sites at UMM. This dynamic website was managed together with each work unit that had sub domain. Infokom institution just managed www.umm.ac.id. Thus, its website management became easier and update and menu increase was handed over each sub domain. The website that had been published had been planned to be presented in three languages, but it still hadn't functioned yet.

On October 14, 2010, UMM website officially used three languages: bahasa Indonesia (as default), English, and Arabic. In the beginning of launching, it had just been content which was in the main domain which was translated into those foreign languages. The use of three languages actually were successful to increase the number of visitor of UMM website.

Simultaneously with the demand of internet users that come from all around the world, on March 19, 2011, UMM website used English as its default. This decision had been agreed by the rector of UMM as one way to achive the goal that in 2015, UMM must be A World-Class University.

This time (March 22, 2011) the number of sub domain on UMM website has been 217 sub domains. These sub domains include the sites owned by all organizations and units of student activity. Besides, they also include the sub domains used for temporal event, such as seminar, contest, workshop, etc. Besides, it has also contained sub domains, they are 341 staff and 8.884 student blogs.

The website design archives that have been made by University of Muhammadiyah Malang have been recorded well by a site starting from May 25, 1998 up to now. To see the archive of UMM website design development it can be accessed on this site: Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

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Being ranked 4.729 Webometrics in the world and is ranked 35 of universities in Indonesia
(Januari 2010 Edition)

  Being ranked 2.310 Webometrics in the world and is ranked 17 of universities in Indonesia
(July 2010 Edition)

 Being ranked 1.395 Webometrics in the world and is ranked 18 of universities in Indonesia
(January 2010 Edition)

  Being ranked 1.264 Webometrics in the world and is ranked 8 of universities in Indonesia
(July 2011 Edition)

Being ranked 2.886 4icu in the world; 21 of universities in Indonesia ; 5 of private universities in Indonesia; 1 of Muhammadiyah universities in Indonesia
(July 2010 Edition)

Being ranked 2.478 4icu in the world; 20 of universities in Indonesia; 5 of private universities in Indonesia; 1 of Muhammadiyah universities in Indonesia
(January 2010 Edition)

Being ranked 2.283 4icu in the world; 14 of universities in Indonesia; 3 of private universities in Indonesia; 2 of Muhammadiyah universities in Indonesia
(July 2011 Edition)

2 stars from QS Stars (September 2011 Edition)