Community Service Program

Community Service Program
For community service activity, DPPM has formulated several agendas related to the service by lecturers and students. The agendas are explained as follows:

1. Community Service and Regional Development 

The community service or Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN) has strategic and potential position to implement the theory and idea of academic community, moreover it also introduce more of Islamic and Muhammadiyah life with its mission and problems (from ranting – cabang) empirically. KKN may be one of the accesses to build the students’ mental and personality before graduate, to develop dakwah and pioneering charity business (Muhammadiyah’s schools, mosques, and health nursing development). Some service activities are:   


Management Information System Regulation 


Administrative Technical Regulation with Management Information System model based on IT includes KKN registration online, efficient briefing as needed by community, KKN execution in holiday, technical skill briefing, socialization and implementation of KKN’s rules, religion training, physic and mental readiness of the student, and also field advisor (DPL) effectively. Stabilization of community service’s work program is based on Tri Bina Program community empowerment (Economy, Socio-cultural, and Religion.



The Head of Muhammadiyah Region (PDM) and Subsidiary’s (PCM) Involvement


Since 2001 the committee corporation between UMM and PDM/PCM had been created in an attempt of silaturahmi (bond), Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan implementation, mutual assistance and also mutual efforts to improve the quality between each of the UMM academicians, PDM/PCM, and also public generally. Moreover, it was also done in order to realize one of the mutual assistance purposes, which is to develop the next generation of community who are able to continue Muhammadiyah action (amal usaha) as the people and nation cadre. Even though, it faced many difficulties, but it receive positive result in the end after much evaluation and reset.


Mapping and Regional Development


The results of the community services from the first time in 1987 until now (2007) are mapped and treated in order to develop the further part. It also appeals for the location of community service. The location were focused on the western part of East Java such as Malang, Batu City, Trenggalek, Tulunggung, Lamongan, Bojonegoro, Tuban, Mojokerto, Ngawi, Madiun, and Kediri. Furthermore, the location has been expanded to the eastern area includes Bondowoso, Lumajang, and, Probolinggo.


KKN Model Development


As the result of public need enhancement and corporation, the KKN execution is not only became one KKN-Unified (terpadu) model but also KKN thematic model as the corporation activity with the government institutional which is integrated by the community service or KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata). The Thematic KKN model as the result of corporation with government institution (Education Department in national, province, and region) and Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI) had been done including: Accelerating Eradication of Illiteracy (PBA) with the KKN team in Malang city and regency, Pioneering early childhood education (PAUD) with KKN team in East Java and Synergy Community Empowerment (SIBERMAS) in Batu city.


2.  Education and Public Service Sector

The sector coordinates lecturers and students, forms the corporation with DIKTI or goverment/private institutions, and also reviews and applies IPTEKS to the society. The outside party is official government institutional such as regional government (PEMDA), province government


Dikyanmas which is funded by DP2M Dikti Diknas


Some community service programs of DP2M Dikti along with annual program (IPTEKS, VUCER, Development of Entrepreneurship Culture: KWU,MKU and KKU) and multi-year program (UJI, Vucer Multi Tahun, SIBERMAS) have been achieved competitively and the amount of lecturer’s dedications are in the top rank of KOPERTIS VII. Moreover, one of the presentations in 2007 of entrepreneurship is in the first rank in the nation level.


Dikyanmas with the fund from University


As the effort of implementing science and technology’s result (IPTEKS) by lecturers and students in the public, the fund for lecturer’s dedication from university has been sought since 2005 as the independent dedication program or Program Pengabdian Mandiri (PPM). This program is the education effort for young lecturer to achieve block grand fund from PD2M DIKTI and also the development of Muhammadiyah’s action and charity effort. The procedure for proposal writing and report of PPM are included in Pedoman Pengabdian Mandiri UMM book.


Dikyanmas through KKN and faculty by the fund from UMM


The community service which is done alongside KKN and funded by KKN increases from the years. The community service activities have been the need for lecturers. In the other side, the students and public put a high faith to the lecturers that they are able and desire to take a part in order to overcome the problems faced by the public, especially in KKN location. Moreover, the lecturers also do the community service incidentally with the fund from faculty.


Dikyanmas which corporate with the private and government institutional

The corporation with private and government institutional is in training, survey, and also mentoring by the involvement of lecturers and students. 


3. Human resource and incubator development


The domain do the entrepreneurship training for students and alumni, initiate the entrepreneurship, and also form the corporation with the related institution in order to get the fund. The entrepreneurship and job market are held once in every year. 

Moreover, the experts such as Prof. Dr.C. Imam Sutrisno and Dr. Ir. Sundani from Dikti were invited to be the speaker in the trainings programs in order to improve the human resources ability. Furthermore, UMM has been committed to send team to be Reviewer Team which has the task to select the proposal in eastern Indonesia as the result of receiving many and frequently community service program from DP2M Dikti. 


4.  Small and medium business development

The sector has a role on mentoring and consultation for the small and partner training business. It includes loaning finance support to the small business around the campus and Malang City and forming the corporation with the sources of funding and institution for small business development. The corporation with the sources of funding is Bank Jatim Malang and Damandiri Foundation Jakarta.