Video Profil PLTMH UMM

Brantas River which flow across the complex of campus III UMM has been used for Irrigation of rivers around Tegalgondo through the sluice in Segkaling Dam. The 1.25 meters ditch of irrigation canal supply the water from Brantas and go through around campus.    

From the small irrigation ditch, some flow to the campus land that is Experimental Farm of Animal Husbandry and Fishery Department. Beginning with water flow from irrigation ditch, the water is borrowed temporarily to evoke the producing electricity turbine of Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTMH) in Sengkaling which is located in Agrocomplex UMM.    

The technology is relative easy. The water intake is collected in collector pool or forebay. Then, the water is flowed through big pipe or penstock. The diameter is around 70 cm and 57 m long which are placed in the 40o sloping land into the generator in power house. The different height of forebay and power house is around 15 meters.   

In the power house, the water moves the turbine which is able to move the 160 KW generator. The electricity produced by generator is flowed in Electric Load Control and used directly to supply the electricity in UMM building. Therefore, MHP (PLMTH) only borrows the water flow, without reducing a bit.

At this time, the evoking electricity power is around 100 KW in rainy session and reducing until 70 KW in 2 month dry session. It is able to supply the electricity need in some campuses and offices building by these much power. 

That is monumental achievement as the result of renewable energy research and development cooperation between Research and Development of Energy and Mineral Resources, Energy and Mineral Resources Department of Indonesia and UMM. This achievement seems to have not been equaled by any other universities in Indonesia. UMM becomes the only pioneer university applying MHP (PLMTH) independently which leads to the electricity power decreasing in national level, and even in international.