Mosque AR. Fachruddin



Mosque AR. Fachruddin was built in 1995 and was inaugurated by President BJ. Habibie (the third president of Republic Indonesia) in 1998.
The mosque consists of five floors which are not only used as a place of worship but also for lecturers and offices.

 The location of the mosque is on the side of Jl Raya Tlogomas, road access to Batu City. The mosque was built with very exotic modern architecture and because of its strategic location, Mosque AR Fachruddin is often seen as a tourist destination. 
The place to worship is from the third to the fifth floor. The second floor is used as takmir (people in charge of managing and organizing activities and building of the mosque), library, classrooms, Psychology laboratory, wudhu (ablution) place and halls. The first floor is used for offices, banks, canteen, Kopkar, ATM, laboratory, counseling and guidance, health center, UMM FM radio and several study centre offices.
 Mosque AR Fachruddin Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang has the right qibla (shahih) and it has been proved by CASA (Astronomi Club of Santri Assalaam). The mosque is used as Muhammadiyah dakwah centre and islamic activities centre for all the academic community and also the general public.