faculty of health science

Faculty of Health Science University of Muhamadiyah Malang is a new faculty established in UMM through Rector's Decree Number 203/SK-ST/IX/2007 dated September 4, 2007. The faculty was established to provide facility and encourage the development of Pharmacy Program, Nursing Science Program, and Nursing Diploma Programs. Nursing diploma program was established since 1993, based on Head of Health Department of Health Manpower Education Number
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Lokasi : Kampus II
Telp : 0341-551149, 552443
Email : fikes@umm.ac.id


HK. on August 16, 2002 and accredited A and on January 30, 2008 got the higher accreditation again from health department based on Head of Health Department of Health Manpower Education Number HK. with the accreditation strata A (90,06).
Experience in managing  the nursing diploma program for 17 years and  with great support from the alumni encouredge University of Muhammadiyah malang to establish nurse science stara 1. Program of nursing science studies (FIKES) UMM which is established based on decree of Department of National Education Directorate General of Higher Education number 3368/D/T/2006 on september 4, 2006 aims to graduate professional nurse and competent in the field of nursing by having intelectuality, deep spiritual, high moral, realible nursing skill with more ability in the emergency care and community care so be able to compete in global era.
Pharmacy program studies established on 2006  through the decree Directorate General of Higher Education (Dirjen Dikti) Department of National Education RI number:  1964/D/T/2006 on June 16, 2006, it has vission become the leading department of pharmacy studies in conducting the higher pharmacy education which has the profit in the field of Pharmacy community based on the science development and technology (IPTEK) and Islamic Value to improve the competitiveness of nations. As the new studies program, the implementation of teaching and learning program has full support from the faculty of pharmacy university of Airlangga Surabaya. Especially supported from teacher staff qualified professor, PhD, although magister that experienced in the implementation of PMB appropriate MOU No. 100/Jo3.1.20/PP/2006. On may 12, 2006. In addition, the educator are from practision that accordance with qualification each field.