About Law Faculty

Indeed the current era is called reformation era has opened darkness toward law enforcemet issues, law enforcement agencies problem and the working mechanism of legal institution shows a blurred face and far from the hope of people's legal requirement to get the assurance of justice. The existence of role and function of law in the life of the nation is now becoming the target of accusation of the problem. This situation has led to the thinking that law higher education in Indonesia, especially in the Law Faculty of UMM, must understand the problem as part of giving the best solution for the problem


After being done mediation and discussion about the above situation, it looks that curriculum becomes one of the most important thing that causes the problem and the solution. In several Curriculum Seminars, it has been done the evaluation used as an effort to complete the curriculum in a more intact way and has more character as explained follows:

  1. In national politic that leads into democratization process of this reformation era, law are being corrected in all aspects,including its role, function, and law enforcement in social system (in the life of Indonesian nation). The anxious condition especially in its law enforcement. For example, the phenomenon of judicial mafia, collusion, corrption, nepotism, and pragmatic law enforcement, how the attitude of judge is, lawyer/advocate, investigator, prosecutor, etc. -in national, regional and local level- as it has stated that the value/morality norms as its principle.
  2. That national situation, besides is caused by political system in the new order government which has negative effect to the political system of national law that generates the law that sides with the importance of the government, it is also caused by the system of law higher education which tends to use positivism approach. National law higher education has not been developed to the more critical approach (Critical law study) which sides with the values of truth and justice, that a bachelor of law is the fighter of truth and justice for humanity.
  3. The existence ofas part of PTM which Islam as its character, so it is able to generate the bachelors of law (SH) that have complete personality, so they can be responsible for the law enforcement that sides with Islamic values, morality, truth, and justice for the people's welfare.

Therefore, in its role in the development of national law higher education, FH UMM sees that law education is formulated as ”The systematic process of internalization, actualization, and implementation to the values of justice and truth". Therefore, in the effort to take on the maximum role. FH UMM formulates law higher education vision and mission that has characteristic/character Professional, Humanistis, dan Religious.

Meanwhile what is meant by Professional from the word origin it is interpreted as: expert, so the characteristic of professioncan be interpreted that in law higher educational process at FH UMM is held to be able to master and understand theory, concept, and being capable or skillful in the implementation of knowledge (practice) from the study field that hasn't been learnt by the student, so it can implement law in the society. Therefore, all of the elements that are responsible for the implementation of law higher education at FH UMM is demanded to:

  1. Develop critical and skillful manner;
  2. Change in teaching and learning process; 
  3. Develop an interesting learning method that balances more on theory, concept, and ability/skill with proportion 1 : 2 : 2.
  4. Develop law science learning critically.


The word Humanistic is interpreted a humanitarian. Therefore, Humanistic character is that in law higher education process at FH UMM is conducted to form the character of Law Bachelor who always sides with the values/norms that become the foundation of human consicence alignment that tends to the truth, justice, and human rights. In the understanding of humanistic, it also intended for the law higher education held by FH-UMM, besides mastering ability and skill of law (professional) it also develops integrity from the student. As for the ideal forms which are expected are:

  1. Improving sensitiveness to the social problems of surrounding based on universal humanity values;
  2. Understanding human rights individually and in group;
  3. Siding with the values of justice, honesty, and bravery.

Meanwhile, Religious its root word means having religion or connected with religion or having faith. Studying law must also touch the values and aspects of God. The truth and justice that come from God must be the main foundation in thinking and acting process, especially for the bachelors of law whatever their role and position is. From that meaning, it can be developed that religious character becomes soul or spirit from a humanistic professional figure in every act that is done in order to: 

  1. Understand the basis and conception of Islamic law that is made as spirit in every understanding of law concept that is applied globally, nationally, and domestically;
  2.  Have high integrity and responsibility in practicing his knowledge as a Moslem;
  3.  Actualize Islam as hebavior and values in every manner and activity.

This vison is developed in order to give direction for the development both of UMM mission and FH UMM. Besides, the mission of FH UMM still refers to the Main Scientific Pattern (PIP) of University that is empowering weak/poor/ Dzuafa’ people by upholding highly the law supremacy to areach or realize civil society.

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