Head of Bureau Dr. Rahmad Wijaya, SE., MM.
Division of Education and Teaching Ir. Ikip Laily Kuncorowati
Subdivision Head of Academic Administration Kusno Hades Bariyanto, ST
Subdivision Head of Al-islam Kemuhammadiyahan and General Basic Course Idaul Hasanah, S.Ag., M.H.I
Subdivision Head of Secretariat and Household Affairs Henny Litawati, SE
Subdivision Head of Education and Teaching Susanti, SE
Subdivision Head of Re-registration and Academic Administration Management Dewi Masyito Kartika, S.Pd
Subdivision Head of Documentation and Report Iwan Pribadi DP
Subdivision Head of MBKM (Independent Learning Independent Campus) Program Fadilla Fathul Janah, ST
Subdivision Head of Al-islam Kemuhammadiyahan and General Basic Course Imam Suhariadi Islam ., S.AP
Head of Bureau Dr. Ahmad Juanda, Ak., MM., CA
Division Head of Finance Fachrudin, S.E.
Division Head of Human Resources Zakarija Achmat, S.Psi., M.Si.
Division Head of General Affairs Sandi Wahyudiono, ST., MT.
Division Head of Law Kukuh Dwi Kurniawan, S.H., S.Sy., M.H
Division Head of Contract and Legal Drafting Fitria Esfandiari, S.H., M.H.
Division Head of Legal Permission and Asset Certificate Muhammad Luthfi, S.H., S.Sy., M.H.
Senior Advisor for Law Mohammad Isrok, SH., CN., M.H
Special Staff of Finance Dra. Hj. Amny Muji Astuti
Subdivision Head of Accounting and Tax Agustin Dwi Hariyanti
Subdivision Head of Budgeting and Reporting Deasy Ratna Puri,S.E.
Subdivision Head of Cash flow Dra. Nur Hartanti
Subdivision Head of Student Financial Affairs Slamet Supriyadi,S.Pd.
Subdivision Head of Business Unit Dwi Irawan, S.E., M.Ak.
Subdivision Head of Secretariat and Household Affairs of General Bureau Hj. Sumiatin
Subdivision Head of Planning and Payroll Muh. Hasyim Musthofa, SE
Subdivision Head of Staff Registration Sukam, ST
Subdivision Head of Functional position Atik Yuliawati, S.Pd.
Subdivision Head of Facilities and Infrastructure H. Hasim, A.Md
Subdivision Head of Water, Electricity and Installation Arie Zakaria, ST.
Subdivision Head of Building Maintenance Khusnul Hidayat
Subdivision Head of Housekeeping, Cleaning Service, and Gardening of Campus III Supardi, A.Md
Subdivision Head of Transportation and Vehicles Karianto
Subdivision Head of General Affairs of Campus II and Campus III H. Bambang Rijadi
Subdivision Head of Logistics and Office Stationary Hj. Lilik Chalimatul
Subdivision Head of Warehouse Arbuati, A.Md.
Head of Bureau Yudi Suharsono, S.Psi., M.Si.
Division Head of Student Welfare, Career and Alumni Dr. Fien Zulfikarijah, MM.
Division Head of Reasoning and Religious Education Agus Santoso, S.Sos
Division Head of Interest-Talent, Student Supervision, and International Student Zamzami Septiropa, ST., MT.
Special Staff for Student Affairs and Alumni Yohanna Puspitasari Wardoyo, SH., MH
Subdivision Head of Secretariat and Household Affairs Arief Kristianto
Subdivision Head of Career Development and Alumni Nurkhozin Aziz, S.Pt.
Subdivision Head of Student Welfare Darini
Subdivision Head of Student Supervision and International Student Heru Wibowo, S.Pd
Subdivision Head of Reasoning Imron Budi Waskito, A.Md.
Subdivision Head of Religious Affairs Haeri, SH., M.HI
Subdivision Head of Talent and Interest Frendy Aru Fantiro, M.Pd
Head of Bureau Prof. Dr. Baiduri, M.Si.
Division Head of Institution and Law H. Bayu Dwi Widdy Jatmiko, S.H., M.Hum.
Division Head of Human Resource Development Dra. Sandra Irawati, MM
Division Head of Partnership Risa Herlianita, S.Kep., Ns., MS.
Special Staff for Institution, Human Resource Development, and Partnership Dwi Ratna Indri Hapsari, SH. MH
Subdivision Head of Partnership Heru Budiana, SH
Subdivision Head of Secretariat and Household Affairs Dra. Anisah
Head of Bureau Ir. Suyatno, M.Si
Division Head of Informatics and Technology Zamah Sari, ST., MT
Division Head of Public Communication Sugeng Winarno, S.Sos., M.A
Subdivision Head of Network Infrastructure Muhammad Nasar, ST., M.S
Subdivision Vice Head of Network Infrastructure Ruslan, S.Pd
Subdivision Head of Hardware Suwarno, ST
Subdivision Head of System and Network Security Saifuddin, S.Kom., M.Kom
Subdivision Head of Informatics and Technology Education Ilyas Nuryasin, S.Kom., M.Kom
Subdivision Head of Information System Aminudin, S.Kom, M.Cs
Subdivision Vice Head of Information System Irfan Susanto, S.Pd
Subdivision Head of Information Technology Business Bagus Setiono, A.Md
Subdivision Head of Analysis, Digitalization and Data Service Yufis Azhar, S.Kom., M.Kom
Subdivision Vice Head of Analysis, Digitalitation and Data Service Achmad Yusuf
Subdivision Head of Protocol Aninda Nidhomil Hima, M.Pd
Subdision Head of Public Communication Mohamad Isnaini, S.Pd., M.Pd
Subdivision Head of Documentation and Visual Creation Rino Anugrawan, S.Kom