Bank Center

Currently, the world of banking has become one of the main things attached to modern citizen, including students. At the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), this need is facilitated by several banks and automated teller machines (ATMs) around the campus.

Starting from the National Bank of Indonesia (BNI), Bank Jatim, and Bank Central Asia (BCA). Partnerships with these banks are not limited to placing branch offices in the campus area. The three of them also play a role in the academic administration process, such as the payment of the Education Development Fund (DPP), Education Contribution (SPP), and Real Work Lecture (KKN).

Besides, UMM also has BPR Rinjani UMM and Mini Bank, managed by the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB). Run professionally; these two banks are also applied laboratories for students. Besides, students and other campus residents can also use the bank to conduct savings and loan transactions.