Author : | Thursday, November 19, 2020

A few weeks ago, it was quite shocking in the social media that President Macron had insulted the caricature of a face that resembled a picture of the Prophet Muhammad. The incident began when a Muslim killed a French citizen who harassed the Prophet. And the incident was even further exacerbated by the same humiliation committed by a head of state as a form of revenge and hatred for Islam.

Seeing this incident, it suddenly attracted the attention of all Muslims around the world, many ofneighbor countries showing videos of boycotting French products and especially in Indonesia, and without any considerations, immediately boycotting French products and brands. Including one of the hijrah artists, Arie Untung with his wife also posted a boycott photo of brands from France and ma sha Allah until then became a tranding topic around the world in Twitter.

Not only that, groups of ideological Muslims also carried out boycotts and broadcast actions to the Ummah and also to French embassies in Indonesia. This action was followed by other Muslims in several cities in Indonesia. In this action the ideological Muslims called for boycotting French products, not only that, they announced to the Ummah that foreign products of the western colonialist thought such as capitalism, secularism, liberalism, feminism, and other isms should be boycotted. and rejected by Muslims in particular.

Then, is it enough for us to boycott French products? For a Muslim, of course, the spirit of Islam is still embedded in theirfighter soul if they hear humiliation about the Shari'a and the Prophet Muhammad. Because of love, they also stricken with confusion as to why Muslims continue to be harassed and humiliated like that.

The boycott step carried out by some Muslims did not have a direct effect on the French State. But with the boycott, it will indirectly affect the wheels of the French economy in several Muslim countries. And boycotting is only a minimal step that can be done at this time, because if we talk about the causes and solutions to change, of course we must know the root causes and solutions for the existence of free speech that is currently happening freely.

Muslims must be aware and understand that the cause of rampant insults against Islam and the Messenger of Allah today is due to the application of the ideology of capitalism, which is based on secularism, which is a principle that separates religion and life. So that other ideologies such as liberalism were born. Therefore, as Muslims our attitude is not enough to stop at boycotting its products but also boycotting and rejecting the corrupted products of foreign thinking, namely capitalism, secularism and liberalism. In order for the ummah to be awakened, our Muslimideology must continue to preach and spread to the ummah to take and fight for Islam rahmatan lilalamin. Allah knows best.

Author: Risfatul Aini (University of Muhammadiyah Malang Student)

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