One of Ex-JKT48's Members Becomes a UMM Graduate

Author : Humas | Tuesday, February 27, 2024 01:54 WIB
Putri Cahyani Anggraini (Photo: Special)

There is an interesting graduates in the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) 1st period of graduation this February. She is Putri Cahyani Anggraini, a student of the UMM Law study program and a graduate who has talents in art and has a career in the entertainment world through JKT 48. However, she also remains focused on doing her academics nicely.

Caca, her nickname, said that she has loved dance since she was little because of her mother's hobby. Eventually, she began to participate in various dance competitions and other branches of art, such as singing. Moreover, Caca also encouraged herself to enroll in JKT 48 in 2018 and successfully qualified to become a member of JKT 48 as a singer.

"Since I became a member of JKT 48, I dared myself to be confident. I also have a characteristic introduction (Jikoshoukai); even though I am timid and shy, I never get tired of trying," she said.

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Caca keeps improving her skills by learning and participating in national TV programs several times. She also shared that during her time as a law student at UMM, she wanted to give up several times and pursue her hobby of art. But she believes that she can definitely finish until the very end and prove herself if she succeeds in becoming a law graduate.

During her time as a student at UMM, Caca also participated in the Center of Excellence (CoE) program. She said that during CoE, she had the opportunity to do internships in two advocacy offices. There were many challenges that she faced, and that made her even more excited to continue to find out about legal science. 

"Actually, joining the CoE program and interning at an advocate's office was one of my mischievous attempts. However, I fell in love with this program because I really got real experience in the law. I was invited to explore cases and implement various legal disciplines. Both civil and criminal," she explained.

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The Sidoarjo native also said that the internship at the advocate's office was very useful. She did not know much about advocate law, just as she did when she became a JKT 48 member who was still a young singer and needed to learn a lot. Learning by looking at the journals and articles, as well as not being shy to ask questions, she did her best to satisfy her high curiosity.

While studying at UMM, she was greatly assisted by the facilities provided. Thus, Caca can develop and continue to develop her skills. This includes being a part of the Digital Team at UMM Campus. He often collaborates to create unique and interesting content about UMM.

"Moreover, the other members and I did not only create content. We were also taught about social media content management graphics. In my opinion, the youth should be creative and maximize the opportunities provided. Everything starts with small things," she concluded. (Ri/Wil/Put)



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