Students Create Work Accident Prevention Gloves

Author : Humas | Thursday, February 04, 2021 19:04 WIB
Student team designing work accident prevention gloves (Photo: Istimewah)

According to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan data in 2019, the accident rate in the workplace is high quite. There were 77,295 cases of work accidents throughout 2019. Several cases of work accidents occurred due to fatigue at work. To prevent this problem, students of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) created safety sensor gloves to avoid work accidents.

This design was made by Mahdan Razaq and Sulthan Dzulfikar Adham. Mahdan said that the idea of making this tool came from a college assignment he got. While doing research, Mahdan learned that many work accidents at companies occur due to exhausted workers.

"This company is engaged in construction. So, indeed the workers work for building housing projects. When I interviewed several workers, there were often work accidents because the workers were too tired, ”said the student born in Southeast Sulawesi.


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Mahdan further explained how these safety gloves work. These gloves work to measure the pulse of the wearer. When workers have a pulse that is higher or lower than normal, the worker will be asked to rest until the pulse returns to normal. Besides, these gloves are also useful for protecting the hands of the workers.

Mahdan said again that his team experienced problems when making this tool, especially in the sensor calibration tool. This tool serves to measure the pulse, but it does not work well. “The pulse meter is not working well. We finally moved the position of the device, which was in the wrist, close to the pulse, "said the Industrial Engineering student.


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Mahdan and the team submitted this design to the Student Creativity Week - Technology (PKM-T) in 2019 by collaborating with CV. Tri Karya Jaya as a partner. This PKM made it to the funding stage. Not only that, Mahdan again submitted this PKM to the 2020 Muhammadiyah Higher Education Science and Technology Association (AST-PTM) and won first place in the competition.

Mahdan said that the work accident prevention sensor safety gloves have been produced and are ready for use by partners. "I hope this tool can be useful in reducing cases of work accidents related to fatigue, and I hope that in the future, this tool will be further developed. Especially in the pulse measuring section, ”said Mahdan at the end of the interview session. (apg / syi / wil)



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