UMM's Social Service Visits Lumajang, Free Health Check and Mobile Library

Author : Humas | Monday, April 08, 2024 16:52 WIB

The University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) continues to spread joy and happiness during Ramadan. This time, UMM came to Sumberejo Village, Candipuro District, Lumajang Regency, on April 5th. The presence of the UMM team led to a social service activity by distributing 200 food packages to those in need. In addition, there are also free health checks and health counseling by doctors from the UMM General Hospital. There was also a Mobil Perpustakaan Kamis Membaca (KaCa) and a Mobil Bakti Terhadap Bangsa (Terbang).
Muhammad Luthfi, S.H., S.Sy., M.H., as the lead organizer of the social service, stated that the selection of the location in Sumberejo village was the result of collaboration with the local Muhammadiyah Branch Leadership. In addition, it also aims to spread the message of Muhammadiyah in Sumberejo village.
"Muhammadiyah is in the minority here and needs to be supported to spread the message of Muhammadiyah. This social service is also a way to spread the message of the association that can be directly felt by the local community," he explained.
In addition, Luthfi emphasized that this activity is routinely carried out by UMM during the month of Ramadan. This is a proof of UMM's commitment to serve the nation massively.
On the other hand, Mukhlason, a representative of the Muhammadiyah Regional Leadership in Lumajang, appreciated the social activity. According to him, the social service provides an educational side to the community. Starting from the children to the elderly.
"Alhamdulillah, there is an activity like this. For the elderly, there are free health tests and health counseling about indications of minor illnesses such as back pain that are often experienced. For the children, there is also a mobile library that improves literacy and fun games with various prizes given," he said.
Finally, he expects the entire community, especially Muslims, to have a strong spirit to provide benefits to others. Especially considering that Indonesia is a vast country and has many layers of society.
"It is so awesome, hopefully this kind of event can be held as often as possible. We hope that this kind of event can be done as often as possible, not only by UMM but also by other friends. Spreading goodness like this does not have to be done only during Ramadan but also outside of Ramadan. This is also an effort to give the public the view that Muhammadiyah's da'wah is carried out in reality and is not picky, "he advised. (*/put)



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