At UMM, the Secretary of Muhammadiyah Central Leaderships Reveals the Key to Progressive Islamic Minutes

Author : Humas | Monday, April 01, 2024 05:24 WIB

Muhammad Sayuti, S.Pd., M.Pd., M.Ed., Ph.D., in the Ramadan Celebration (Photo: Lintang Humas).

The main key to realizing the progressive Islamic message within an organization is through gratitude and sincerity. This was emphasized by the Secretary of the Central Leadership of Muhammadiyah, Muhammad Sayuti, S.Pd., M.Pd., M.Ed., Ph.D., during the Ramadan Celebration of Muhammadiyah's Central Leadership at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), on March 25th.

According to him, this attitude of gratitude will be the energy and spirit needed to realize the progress of Islam. When humans are grateful, Allah will increase His blessings in various conditions. Sayuti gave a simple example of the success of the progressive Islamic message by looking at UMM.

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"Look at the contributions of the White Campus UMM. In 2021, it was once the best Islamic campus in the world and often received awards," he said.

Sayuti continued that Muhammadiyah, which has been established for around 115 years, is one of the organizations that has succeeded in implementing the Islamization and modernization of education. However, behind this, there are certainly many internal and external challenges. Starting from the quality of human resources, educational disparities, corruption cases, law enforcement, oligarchy, and others.

The way to overcome it is by learning a lot and understanding the contents of the Quran. Learning does not have to be only about religion, but also about scientific knowledge to enter the global realm. Then, the things that can be done are to tirelessly practice, study the changes of time and how to overcome them, and make Muhammadiyah a benchmark for jihad and ijtihad.

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"This needs to be implemented, especially in educational institutions, in an effort to produce world-class, superior education. Teachers must learn a lot and conduct research so that education can progress and be recognized by the world," he added.

As for Muhammadiyah, the organization has many educational institutions. Starting from 440 pesantren (Islamic boarding schools), 5,436 madrasah-based equivalent schools, and 171 universities. Besides, Muhammadiyah expands by establishing 31 Special Branch Leadership of Muhammadiyah (PCIM) abroad, such as in Japan, the USA, Germany, and Australia. Not to mention clinics, business units, hospitals, and others that are part of the Muhammadiyah Business Charity (AUM). All of these aim to enforce and uphold the value of Islam in its truest sense. 

On the other hand, the Secretary of the Daily Development Supervisory Board (BPH) of UMM, Drs. H. Wakidi, said that the festive Ramadan at UMM is an effort to shape true Muslims. Especially seeing and understanding that the activities carried out by Muhammadiyah must be based on progress.

"One of its characteristics, as mentioned by Mr. Sayuti, is indeed to have pure monotheism. Because pure monotheism is one of the characteristics of a progressive Islamic message," he emphasized, concluding. (tri/wil/fajr)



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