Derlin, UMM Student Who Won the Central Java Kickboxing Championship

Author : Humas | Friday, February 16, 2024 07:15 WIB
Student of D-III Electronics Technology (Photo: Special)

Students of D-III Electronics Technology at the Faculty of Vocational Studies, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), once again bring good news. Derlin Julianto secured 3rd place in the Jateng Kickboxing Championship held in Surakarta earlier this year. Derlin represented the city of Malang in the competition, which saw participation from 100 contestants divided into exhibition classes of low kick and full contact, as well as tournament classes of low kick and full contact.

Derlin stated that he participated in the low kick tournament class and successfully made it to the semifinals. Unfortunately, he couldn't make it to the finals due to incomplete administrative issues. His coach, who was supposed to accompany him, was unavailable, leaving Derlin to handle everything on his own. 

"Only two of us from Malang managed to go, but we went without a coach. So when I was busy with the administrative tasks, I didn't hear the call to go up on stage, and I was declared disqualified," he said.

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Furthermore, he mentioned that this competition presented some challenges due to unsynchronized rules and event rundowns. Consequently, he had to discuss matters several times with the organizers. "We've had discussions and tried to find a middle ground. But because the organizers also operate under a system, we, the participants, still have to comply," he added.

Derlin also shared that he fought against Jakarta in the initial rounds and emerged victorious. He then defeated contestants from several other cities until he reached the semifinals against Surakarta. He mentioned that he didn't need much preparation for this competition as he regularly trained every day. However, like any athlete, Derlin maintains his health by consuming high-protein and high-fiber foods daily.

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He also mentioned that he has been practicing kickboxing since 2018 and has won numerous trophies. He expressed gratitude for being able to study at UMM because the university fully supports its students' potential. He receives support in terms of finances, accommodation, and recognition.

Moreover, Derlin has decided to continue participating in kickboxing competitions without neglecting his responsibilities as a student, especially now that he is in his final semester. "Currently, I'm also in the process of converting my final project credits in the department using the national championship certificate I've obtained. Moreover, UMM provides ample opportunities for this," he concluded. (ri/wil)



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