Active Publication of High-Quality Books, UMM Press Wins Award from East Java Provincial Government

Author : Humas | Thursday, November 30, 2023 07:51 WIB
Library Department Awards UMM Press (Photo: Special)

The University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) never ceases to achieve various accomplishments, whether from students, lecturers, departments, faculties, or even technical implementing units (UPTs). Most recently, UMM Press, a Technical Unit for Book Publishing, successfully garnered an award as the most active book publisher given by the Library and Archives Department (Disperpusip) of East Java Province. The award is a form of appreciation for the publisher's diligence in submitting Printed Works and Recorded Works (KCKR) in East Java in 2023. The award was presented on November 27th at the Samator Hotel in Surabaya.

The Director of UMM Press, Novin Farid Setyo Wibowo, S.Sos., M.Si., expressed immense joy for the recognition they received. The award is also a testament to the hard work of the teams and the innovations they have implemented. This includes adopting more modern layout designs and not just publishing physical books but also digital books (e-books).

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"We can say that UMM Press is quite old, established in 1990. UMM Press has managed to survive amidst declining interest in books nowadays. At least within a year, we consistently publish more than 70 book titles," he shared.

Novin highlighted that their publications encompass not only academic companion books and teaching materials but also a range of novels, poems, and short stories created by both students and lecturers. This initiative aims to nurture and encourage the creativity of the academic community, showcasing potential and talent in writing.

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"We open wide opportunities for those who want to publish their written works. This is also a platform for students who want their work to be widely published, be it relaxed works like short stories, fiction novels, poetry, and more. Of course, these works undergo a selection process to determine their suitability. The publications aren’t limited to those affiliated with UMM but also include writers outside UMM," he stated.

Lastly, the Communication Science lecturer at UMM urged young people not to tire of reading books, emphasizing that books are a vital source of knowledge. Similarly, writing serves as a means to channel creativity. He hopes that UMM Press can progress and become international in the realm of publishing scientific books. (*faq/wil/fajr)



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