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4 Pillars Talkshow Discusses about the Revision of KUHP and KUHAP
» Wednesday, 24 April 2013 | 14:02 WIB | Viewed: 8591
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Talkshow of “4 Pilar Goes to Campus” at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) lasted lively. In addition to exciting discussion, the event which was held in the collaboration of MPR RI, UMM and TVRI was also enlivened by comedians Jaim and Jamil. The event was guided by two artists, Anya Dwinov and Yana Indrawan.
According to the Vice Chairman of MPR Hajriyanto Y Thohari, the event was one of socialization methods of nationality pilars conducted by MPR. This year, there were tens of universities were visited by MPR and the themes brought for every university were various. The theme that was brought to UMM was about the revision of KUHP and KUHAP. 
This activity is intended to get smart and critical thoughts, especially from students in order to make the four pillars of this country alive and work well. To be the living and the walking ideology," stated Hajriyanto when was opening the event. He was also one of the speakers besides the Dean of FH UMM Sidik Sunaryo, SH, MSi and the fraction member of PAN DPR RI Yahdil Abdi Harahap, SH, MH.
UMM Rector Muhadjir Effendy welcomed the activity since it was the part of bringing the students closer with the discussion on important matter that was being the concern. He said, MPR needed to approach the students direclty so that they could get critical and smart advises. On the other hand, it made the students get the proper insight on nationality.
In discussion session, many problems appeared concerning to the revision of KUHP and KUHAP. The participants who were the students from UMM,   UM Ponorogo, UM Surabaya, UM Jember, UM Gresik and UM Sidoarjo, seemed enthusiastic to ask the speakers.
Yahdil considered that the revision of KUHP and KUHAP was a must. Currently, the legislatives were working on the changes and it already took a long time. Therefore, it was needed the advices from the public.
On the other hand, Sidik criticized the DPR who held study visit to Europe for learning the phenomenon of santet (black magic). According to him, law was a matter of right and wrong, not good and bad. Indonesian already had many local laws that could be used as reference, it did not need to go abroad.
“It does not need to go abroad. Just ask to the constituent, to the society, what they need. Learn what have already existed in our society, not in European," said the dean of FH UMM.
Not only the issue on santet, others articles such as adultary, cohabitation, and insulting the president also appeared. Hajriyanto appraised that the changing draft has developed enough. However, there should be further critical analysis.
“The article on adultery, for instance, it becomes more assertive and the doer is not only subjected to social sanction but also to legal sanction," cleared him.
However, he was not sure that the article on humiliating the president would be accepted well by the society. Thus, it needed to be arranged how good it was, so that the president's honor was maintained and the freedom to express and give opinion could run well.
   The issues on the revision of KUHP and KUHAP were interesting because of several reasons. First, KUHP had been long and started to be left behind from the dynamic of society. Second, KUHP was the heritage of Netherland which was less represent the Pancasila and UUD 45. However, the revision should not contrary when the reformation era has the changing paradigm of national and state.
The three strengths of the society are stronger and better. Therefore, they should have roles which are not only seen from the country, means that the society should be smart in criticizing not in insulting. The pluralism of Bhineka Tunggal Ika is very important," said Hajriyanto.
               The term of four Pillars of nationality became popular since MPR RI continued to do socialization. The four pillars refers to  Pancasila, UUD 45, the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) and Bhineka Tunggal Ika. (nas/nes/mal/t_rys)


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