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Aminef Offers Scholarship for Teacher and Student
» Saturday, 16 March 2013 | 09:57 WIB | Viewed: 6112
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American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (Aminef) held Fulbright Scholarship presentation at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Thursday (14/03). This event was followed by 81 participants from SMP/MTS, SMA/SMK/MA teachers and university students.

Aminef office which is located in American Corner Central Library of UMM is ready to receive consultation from teacher and public relating to the scholarship. All this time the existence of Aminef office is still not optimal because of the low interest of public to know scholarships to the United States of America.

Coordinator Assistant of Foreign Cooperation UMM, Drs. Suparto, MPd explained Fulbright scholarship is an activity of Indonesian to study in the United States of America. "We hope through this presentation, teachers and students are not afraid anymore to choose America as a place to study especially to get scholarship," he expected. 

Deputy Executive Director Aminef, Pier Hendrardjo started presentation with short sentence “Take cultural to the future”. That slogan which founded on the United States of America to exchange culture with Indonesia through scholarship. 

All this time, Fulbright has graduated 13 state officials who ever studied in USA. Pier also claimed that 70% of Nobel winners are graduates of universities in USA from 4500 accredited universities in USA. “It needs to know, 80% of the world's university rank is occupied by universities in USA,” Pier promoted.

 While vision and mission of fulbright scholarship program is enhancing mutual understanding among nations. “Some alumni of Fulbright scholarship who are now successful in the world such as Dien Syamsudin, Anis Baswedan, Amin Rais and other figures,” Pier added.

To get Fulbright scholarship, Pier continued, it needs the requirement of leadership quality, understanding of Indonesian and world culture, commitment to study field, and willingness to come back to Indonesia to build the nation. 

Meanwhile the programs that can join this scholarship are Postgraduate and Doctorate program with various study programs that can be chosen from 4500 universities in USA. The scholarship beneficiary is entitled to free tuition, cost of living, assurance, and round trip ticket.(riz/nas/t_tys)



Ronald Sanjaaya, S.Pd
Sudah seharusnya guru mendapatkan beasiswa pendidikan.

» Reply
bagus.ini merupakan salah satu langkah untuk memajukan pendidikan. guru cerdas murid pun cerdas.

» Reply
saya guru SMA di Banyumas, mohon info selengkapnya, Maturnuwun

» Reply
Ronald Sanjaya, S.Pd
boleh dong minta situsnya mengenai beasiswa guru

» Reply
mana alamat webnya

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