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Foreign Students at UMM Exhibit Culinary from Their Countries
» Wednesday, 06 March 2013 | 16:52 WIB | Viewed: 3503
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14 foreign students joined Asian-Europe Culinary Festival in parking area of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Central Library, Wednesday (3/6). They were Darmasiswa scholarship participants who were studying at UMM and came from 8 countries, Hungary, France, Poland, Sweden, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and Philippines.

The festival was held by UMM International Relations Office through Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (BIPA) program. “This agenda is cultural promotion for BIPA students and also as test because there will be many questions in bahasa Indonesia from visitors,” head of BIPA UMM, Dr Arif Budi Wurianto said.

Besides Arif, the festival was also attended by Vice Rector III, Dr Diah Karmiyati, Psi, Field Coordinator Assistant of Foreign Cooperation Drs. Suparto, MPd, Acicis coordinator, Widiya Yutanti, MA and some lecturers.

The students who passed in the front of the library didn't miss this opportunity. Various snacks and foods which were made by the foreign students were available for free for the visitors. "Culinary becomes a very important part of culture and communicate culinary also becomes introduction of a culture," Arif added. 

Some visitors who had opportunity to taste the foods which were provided admitted that it was the first time to taste this foreign culinary. "The taste cannot be described. Maybe because my tongue has not been accustomed with that," Fatmalasari, a communication student said after tasting snack from Vietnam, Goi Cuo.

However, Nguyen Thi Thu Hang from Vietnam explained that Goi Cuo was healthy to be consumed “Goi Cuo is very healthy if it is eaten when breakfast. The ingredients derive from leek, egg, shrimp, cucumber, vermicelli, sweet ketchup sauce added with peanut and Banh Trang or paper rice that I brought directly from Vietnam,” she explained.

The same thing was also stated by Thomas George from Hungary. He thanked to all teachers and BIPA UMM because they had held this culinary festival. “Although I come from a small country in Europe but we have a lot of delicious foods there,” he said proudly. Although there were many differences between Hungarian and Indonesian foods, but Thomas loved Indonesian food.

Besides Goi Cuo, there were also Piernit, Tamas, Paprikas Csirek from Hungary; Macaroon from France; Papaya Salad, Tom Yang Khung, Karee Chicken, Taptim Krob Rao Mit from Thailand; Cum dep (one kind of green glutinous rice), Cha Gio (lumpian Vietnam), Banh Xeo, Com Dep Tron Dua,  from Vietnam, Manggo Float from Philippines; Ta Min Lon Sek from Myanmar; Apple Pie from Sweden; and Ciasto Drozdzowe from Poland.

        This agenda got great attention and enthusiasm from UMM students. 420 coupons which were provided for free were out. "This agenda has been prepared since 2 months ago, a month before it is held, BIPA students got holiday and went home to prepare the festival by bringing the ingredients of foods which cannot be obtained in Indonesia,” Moh. Isnaini as chief of committee explained.

        PR III supported the agenda from BIPA and IRO, because the agenda like this supported a lot mission of the university to be the World Class University which was targeted in 2020. “If you want to learn about culture, come to markets because actually through culinary we learn deeper about culture." he said while opening the festival officially by ribbon cutting.(mal/riz/nas/t_tys)





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