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Rahmat, The New Commander of UMM Security
» Wednesday, 06 March 2013 | 16:34 WIB | Viewed: 6387
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Routine rotation of Security Force Commander duty of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) lasted this month. Old commander, Edi Purwanto, S.Pd was changed by new commander, Rahmat. The position handover which was held in Senat Court Room UMM, Saturday (3/2), was attended by Vice Rector (PR) II, Head of General Administration Bureau  (BAU) and all security guards and parking attendant of UMM.   

In his briefing, PR II instructed three points which became focus of security team duty. First, there was need for sharing and openness between commander and all guards under his control. Second, internal security strategy had to be increased. Third, supply of facilities and infrastructures for security guards. Security and comfortability security had to be increased for example security team had to think to overcome traffic jam which often occured.

“I ask to team to improve performance of security guard and parking attendant," said PR II.  To make parking service better, it was planned to expand parking area which would be built with four floors. 

Fauzan also informed based on dialogue between students and rector, parking rate was back again into Rp. 200,- for motorcycle. To solve difficulty in giving change in the form of coin, he asked to all that it had to be managed as well as possible without harming all parties.

Meanwhile, Muslimin assumed that all this time the performance of UMM security had been very good. It was proven that in the last few years UMM always got award as the safest campus from motorcycle theft. Therefore, he hoped that security responsibility was increased. 

 “Everybody took part in accordance with his/her own responsibility, increasing work productivity,: added Muslim while asking security guard to still join assembly every 19th as the birthday of Muhammadiyah and gymnastics in the morning every Saturday.

As the new commander, Rahmat promised to continue the program of old commander which still ran well. The program which had not been done such as completeness of security guard in attire and supervision of work shift time period that needed to be stricted. 

For security of motor vehicle, Rahmat would apply ticketing on every four wheels vehicle which entered campus area with guest ticket status.  “Also, patrol was increased to prevent crime like theft,” said Rahmat who had been UMM employee since 1995.

             “Hopefully, I can do this manadate, and I ask for support from my co-workers to create safe and discipline condition in campus and give friendly service to all people in campus,” he said. Rahmat also opened wide opportunity for constructive suggestion and critique, especially from students.(mal/riz/nas/t_tys)


Saya Harap Petugas Satpam lebih manusiawi terutama dengan ucapannya,, seringkali menyinggung mahasiswa. contohnya saya yg maba, ingin ke belakang kampus,, terkadang boleh dan terkadang juga tidak.. tanpa alasan yang tidak jelas.

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kishin Al-kautsar
Harapan ke depan kita bawa kampus putih ke arah masa depan yang cerah,penuh layanan yang ramah dan bersahaja,kita junjung tinggi azas kekeluargaan jangan ada kekerasan dan anarkis namun tetap tegas,ibaratnya mahasiswa anaknya kita keamanan yang menjadi bapaknya,yang penuh dengan kasih sayang,perhatian,arahan yang ramah,kita antar tamu ke arah kantor tujuan,dengan pelayanan yang prima.Ayo Satpam Junjung Tinggi "TURJAWALI".jangan ndekem di pos saja,tetep amanah yang ikhlas niat kerja Ibadah Karena "ALLAH"

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