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SMA Islam Brawijaya Visits UMM
» Wednesday, 27 February 2013 | 15:23 WIB | Viewed: 7332
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Students of SMA Islam brawijaya Mojokerto are paying attention the discussion during their visit to University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM).

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) received visit from SMA Islam Brawijaya, Mojokerto, Monday (2/25). Around 45 students and teachers were received with friendly  by Specialized Staff of Public Relation and Protocol of UMM Joko Susilo, S.Sos, M.Si in BAU Hall UMM.

 Harkam and Febry as the representative of SMA Islam Brawijaya gave appreciation to UMM which was willing to receive the visit from their school. “This visit is intended to see how far UMM is”, Harkam said. Besides, it was also intended for students probing and increasing information input directly from the source. 

 Before explaining short information about UMM, Joko had showed profile video of UMM in the front of the groups. Then, it was continued with short presentation about the history of UMM development until now.

 Joko explained about the history of UMM development since 1964 until now, the achievements which had been achieved by UMM, UMM profit center, academic process, internationalization which was done by UMM. Also, with the existence of UMM it could give impact of change in radius 5 kilometers such as environmental change, economy, and religious to surrounding community to be better.

  In the explanation about academic at UMM, Joko explained there were 4 prohibitions and 1 obligation when someone became UMM student. These four prohibitions were criminal, narcotic, quarrel, and unethical. While the obligation was praying.

         In question and answer session, a student asked about registration line and tuition fee, also scholarship at UMM. Joko explained that there were 2 registration lines by invitation and regular line. About tuition fee which was considered not too expensive by the questioner, Joko convinced that the income of UMM business profit also gave contribution for operating cost of university, including for decreasing tuition fee.

 “Hopefully today's visit makes good relationship and partnership between UMM and SMA Islam Brawijaya", Harkam added. The agenda was closed by exchanging souvenir from each institution.(riz/mal/nas/t_tys)




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