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Mata Najwa : Organization Trains Students' Leadership
» Friday, 28 September 2012 | 13:37 WIB | Viewed: 9763
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In facing the future, Grade Point Average (GPA) was not enough; it needs the great leadership,too. Someone could get job interview by having good GPA, however, only those who have leadership experience through organization will get a better future.

                That was one of the exciting topics discussed in off air talkshow Mata Najwa, Metro TV, at Dome UMM on Thursday (9/27). Najwa Shihab as the host guided two speakers: Anies Baswedan dan Mahfud MD. The dialog which lasted for 3 hours was watched by more than 6000 audiences from UMM students and the surroundings.

                “Your academic grade will make you be called for interview. However, the experience of leadership will make you be the prioritized one," said Anies, the initiator of Indonesia Mengajar program.

               Furthermore, the same idea was proposed by the head of Constitutional Court Justice (MK) Mahfud MD. Having organization was a part of leadership training. Mahfud said, he himself was joined in organization since he was in senior high school. Till now, the organizational maturity made him mature in deciding any decision.

                The talkshow entitled Young Leadership motivated the audiences. Hundreds of them raised their hands to ask question to the speakers. Most of them asked about the tips to manage a student organization and others asked about nationality.

                “Do not blame someone if (s)he is not interested in your organization. It might be the organization is uninteresting enough to be followed. Having organization must be elegant and attractive so that many people will join in it," Anies said, responding the question on the lack of students' interest in joining organization.

                At the end of the event, Najwa and Anies were surrounded by students who wanted to interview and having a photograph with them. Meanwhile, Mahfud had already leaved the place earlier because he must pursue the flight in Surabaya to attend an event in jakarta.

                “It is a very successful event. Although the participants are so many, they still focus on the speakers because there are two large screens and the great sound system. Talking in front of thousands audiences, I feel like talking in front of 10 students only," Impressed Najwa Shihab who is also the vice editor of Metro TV.

                Off air program Mata Najwa was one of the series event of Metrotv on Campus which lasted for two days at UMM. The previous day, It had been Wideshot program that was on air for four hours from Dome UMM. The event was filled with the showing of students' creation report and art performances like dance, stand-up comedy, accoustic music, and lecturer karawitan.
                "Thanks for UMM which has supported this event so that it runs successfully," stated the Head of Air and Media Relations of Metrotv Yongy Yohansyah. (mal/nas/t_rys)





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aulia ur rahman
Coba bahas yang lain , biar bikin saya sedikit lebih pintar

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yusuuf arifin
kemarin ga liat, informasi lebih lanjutnya dimana ya, soale kemarin kuliahnya siang di ma'had (masjid fachruddin),

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