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Baksos, UMM Tradition in Helping the Poor
» Monday, 13 August 2012 | 11:29 WIB | Viewed: 10433
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Baksos in Tunggul Wulung was crowded around with the residents. 



A tradition to help the poor which was held by University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) continued. In Ramadan this year, UMM divided 600 packages of Sembako (nine basic commodities) and free medical treatment for 600 people in three locations in Malang Raya; Tlekung Batu, Sumber Pucung Malang Regency, and Tunggul Wulung Malang City. In addition, there were more than 300 institutions and a thousand people received dates given by Arab Saudi Embassy which was distributed through UMM. A total of distributed dates this year reached 8 tons or 4-fold increase compared to last year.

Chairman of Ramadan Committee Muhammad Wachid declared, beside explaining the study and i'tikaf activities, the committee also held social charity (Baksos) that involved teachers, doctors, employees, and students. They were volunteering to help people who were in need with packages of Sembako and medicine for free.

At each site of Baksos, the committee coordinated with the local and branch of Muhammadiyah leadership. In addition, to increase the amount of compensation, in the area of Tlekung and Sumber Pucung, UMM collaborated with LAZIS Muhammadiyah so the recipient could be more than 200 people at each location. While in Tunggul Wulung, the local leader of Muhammadiyah branch increases the amount of aid which was collected from self-help of society and Muhammadiyah sympathizers.

"Alhamdulillah, from year to year, we can increase the amount of this aid. So is the location that we pointed at always moving, thus, locations that we have visited will continue this tradition in the following years," said Wachid in the midst of Baksos activity in Tunggul Wulung on Sunday (12/8).

Before the beginning of free treatment and food distribution, the people gathered to receive spiritual preaching from UMM faculty and Muhammadiyah local leadership. The theme of the study was about taking the lesson of Ramadan which as a month of treating someone’s social sensibility and improving devotion.

Muhammadiyah local leader of Tunggul Wulung Prof Dr Tobroni said his happiness being visited by UMM team. Every year, he continued, the region did have such kind tradition to help the poor, but its number was not more than 100 packages. Residents around the mosque of “Surya Gemilang” which was still being built were in need of that Sembako and free medical treatment. "Theology of al-Ma'un is indeed the characteristic of Muhammadiyah movement. Thus, every Muhammadiyah local leadership should have a movement to help the poor," said Tobroni.

Muhammadiyah local leadership of Tunggul Wulung currently built a mosque that would serve as a center of Islamic studies and social services. In concept, the mosque which was located in the center of the new settlement was expected to embrace the local people to enjoy Islam civilization. "Insya Allah this mosque will keep continuing to help the poor who are in need," said Tobroni.

For general check-up and free medical treatment, UMM brought three doctors, 12 nurses, and five pharmacists. There were also an ambulance and a car pool. "To serve the people is our concern. If there are people who cannot come here we will visit to their house with a full medical team," said the leader of health care team dr Tantowi Jauhari, M. Kes. (nov/uci/nas/t_vik)





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