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Tuesday, 29 July 2014
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UMM Receives for 5.276 Camaba in Cohort II
» Monday, 16 July 2012 | 15:09 WIB | Viewed: 8274
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Sebanyak 5.276 peserta seleksi mahasiswa baru UMM gelombang II melakukan tes di tiga lokasi yang berbeda di dalam kampus.


The long traffic jam could not be avoided in Jl. Raya Tlogomas and Jl. Raya Sengkaling this morning (7/16). There were thousands motors and cars got into campus III University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) in the same time. They were UMM new student applicant (Camaba) from 5.276 participants who would join the test of UMM Cohort II examination.

In campus, the parking lot was full of cars. So that, UMM security anticipated this condition to park the cars at Helipad and around the stadium. “From the early start, we anticipate that the vehicle got into this campus will be over than the number when the graduation day. Then, we prepare some other places in the stadium and helipad,” stated the UMM security commandant Edi Purwanto.    

Though it had been anticipated, there were number of students who came late joining the test. Then, they had to do the test by directly adjusting to their friends without any additional time. “Fortunately, I had seen my test number before, then, I directly know the location of the test,” said Erwan Hendratwan, one of Camaba after he done with the test.    

The Chief of UPT PMB UMM Dr. Ermanu Azizul Hakim, MT said, the number of participants in cohort II was little increased than the previous year. That condition was really different from the number in cohort I lasted on May that the rise was twice more than the previous year. It is estimated, in cohort III that would be opened today up to August 11, the participant will be more increased.

The test lasted in every classroom like in GKB I, GKB II, and AR. Fachruddin Hall due to UMM Dome was insufficient.

For the selected applicant in this cohort, Ermanu explained, the number would depend on the result of test. UMM applied different passing grade for every department, so, the applicant who did not meet this grade, there was possibility to be accepted in cohort III. Nevertheless, there would be more than 50% applicant accepted in every cohort. Then, for this cohort, around 3.000 Camaba would be accepted—it would be announced in July 19, 2012. The total students accepted in cohort I, II, III would be around 5.600 students. The students accepted in cohort I on May was 1800 students. (nov/uci/nas/t_vik)





pengen minta kunci jawabane gelombang 3...???

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pengumuman hasil penerimaan mahasiswa baru gelombang II ini blm kluar ya?? di sms apa liat d website?

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dhio risky amanda
Pengumuman hasil gelombang II

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Muhammad Maher Harmoko
in my opinion: the increase of new students at UMM in 2012 .. because of this, including my new students at UMM also know that it's a very good quality. Thus, each year new students is increasing interest in studying at UMM. so little of my opinion .. thank you .. :)

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iya nih , share dong kunci jawabannya ..

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belom keluar ya kunci jawaban soal gelombang duanya..??

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pengen minta kunci jawaban soal gelombang 2 donk..??

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