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Making UMM as the Studies Center for Tarjih and Fatwa
» Friday, 27 January 2012 | 15:40 WIB | Viewed: 3493
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(foto ilustrasi majelis tarjih Muhammadiyah)

Studies momentum of Tarjih and Tajdid Council of the Muhammadiyah Regional Leadership (PWM) of East Java, Sunday (1/29), would be used as an inaugural milestone for the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to be the studies center for tarjih (Islamic legal affairs, red.) and fatwa (decision on any matters related to Muslim set by a council or personal qualified Muslim scholar, red.).

Through the forum, a number of tarjih scholars of Muhammadiyah who would attend the event entitled "Restoration of Islamic Asceticism for National Ideals" have been asked to contribute supporting this idea as mentioned by the Chief of the Center for Islamic Studies and Philosophy (PSIF) UMM, Nurhakim, after meeting of setting up event which would take place on Campus III of UMM.
Together with lecturers and students who have been qualified for tarjih, Nurhakim would concentrate to make UMM as the studies center for tarjih of Muhammadiyah throughout Indonesia.
"It’s widely open for UMM to be the studies center for tarjih and fatwa of Muhammadiyah," said Nurhakim. He said that UMM has suitable atmosphere to hold this mandate. As the largest campus of Muhammadiyah in Indonesia, UMM has experience in organizing national tarjih forum such as Munas Tarjih 1996 and 2010 as well as becoming the host for the 45th Muhammadiyah Congress in 2005.
The experience is also supported by tarjih, tarjih scholar cadre system, and various supporting facilities such as internet network for publication of tarjih and fatwa as well as halal biotechnology laboratory. "From the resources, UMM is very worthy of being the tarjih studies center," continued Nurhakim optimistic.
Tarjih Studies of East Java PWM this time would spotlight exemplary crisis due to the spirit of individualism, hedonism, anarchism and separatism, whereas the example of our predecessors in the struggle for independence of this country is full of heroic and patriotic values.
"Looking at the phenomena, position as a leader and representative of the people is the derivation of prophetic tasks. Thus, the responsibilities lay not only on improving people's lives, but also on giving an example of living a clean and respectable life," said Nurhakim.
In the committee discussion, there was a variety of views on the declining morality of the current leader. The tarjih studies are expected to remind us all to erode the petty morality that eliminates national exemplary. "If it is left unchecked, the dignity of our nation might continue to degenerate as it was feared by Sukarno of becoming a laborer nation and laborer among nations," said Nurul Humaidi, a participant of the discussion.
Furthermore, the Chief of the Syariah Department of UMM, Azhar Muttaqin, expressed that the attitude of juhd (ascetic) as the Islamic doctrine should be put forward again. It teaches of feeling satisfied and enough in living life with lawful property and using only one’s own lawful property. “The teaching is true away from the glamorous life and the luxurious life. This should be embedded in our officials," he said.
Nurhakim explained that the values ​​of asceticism in Islam would be explored in this study. Furthermore, the values would be offered to elite nationalist leaders to awaken their nationalism characterized with patriotism, love for its state and nation, and willing to fight for its glory.
The event would present a variety of resource persons, among others, from East Java PWM, Dr. Saad Ibrahim; from PP Muhammadiyah, Prof. Dr. Syafiq A Mughny; and East Java Governor, Dr. Sukarwo. In addition, the Chairman of the PWM of East Java, Prof. Thohir Luth is scheduled to open the event. "It will be joined by 108 delegates from PCM, PDM, and PWM, as well as tarjih scholars from Muhammadiyah Islamic boarding schools," explained Nurhakim. (nas/t_alf)




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