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The Remedial Exam of PLPG Rayon 44 is held at UMM
» Thursday, 20 October 2011 | 14:32 WIB | Viewed: 10837
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Whole examinees seriously doing their works on remedial exam of Teachet Training Profession (PLPG) 

A total of 1245 teachers retake Training of Teacher Profession (PLPG) exam at UMM Dome on October 20, 2011. The exam was intended for those who have not succeeded yet in PLPG cohort 1 up to 5 in 2011. Examinees consisted of teachers from Primary School, Junior and Senior High School in the area of Educational Department around the District of Malang and Blitar also the City of Blitar.     

Re-exam was held full day in two sessions those were written and practical test. In practical test, teachers should practice their skill in Peer Teaching, Classroom Action Research (CAR), and composing Lesson Plan.


“To succeed the PLPG, examinee had to pass the minimum score of 60 for written test and 65 for practical one. So, if one of the both scores is not sufficient enough, they still failed,” stated the Secretary of Teacher Certification Program (PSG) Rayon 144, Drs. Sudjalil, M.Si.   


Universty of Muhammaduyah Malang (UMM) has been appointed as Institution of Teacher Training (LPTK) since 2009. In this year, UMM linked with three universities; University of Islam Malang (Unisma), Unversity of Wisnu Wardhana, and STKIP Blitar.  

Furthermore, Sudjalil added, if there were examinees failed in the exam, committee of the exam would kindly return them to Educational Department for further process. Result of the following exam will be announced on October 29, 2011. For this, participants could easily access on the mentioned website

“I do hope whole examinees will carry out this remedial exam well and succeed,” said Sudjalil. (ren/nas/t_vik)





Dari LPMP Jawa Timur kami diminta melihat jadwal pelaksanaan PSG rayon 144 untuk thn 2014, dmn? n kpn?

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no words that i can say, PLPG is policy that will make us dizzy

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hasil ujian ulang rayon 44 plpg kapan yah? terimakasih

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