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Saturday, 25 June 2016
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Webometrics: In Indonesia, UMM Rises to the Eight Ranking
» Saturday, 30 July 2011 | 09:49 WIB | Viewed: 13453
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UMM position is increasingly to be more stable on Webometrics

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has re-maintained the performance of Web Ranking of World Universities (Webometrics). According to Webometrics release, the owner of the ranking, in this July UMM occupies the 8th position from all universities in Indonesia and 1264 universities from all around the world. This position has risen drastically compared to the release in January where UMM ranked 1,395 for the world, ranking 18th for Indonesia. In addition, Webometrics releases ranking for each semester.

The position of UMM is under UI, ITB, UGM, IPB, Gunadarma University, UM, and Petra Christian University. Meanwhile, after the UMM, the positions are occupied by Undip, Unand, UNS, Unsri and UB. "Thank God, we are now on better position than the last semester," said the Chief of ICT UMM, Ir. Suyatno, M.Si.


The success of UMM in participating Webomatrics ranking could not be separated from the efforts of all parties. Since the Webomatrics was firstly released in 2004, UMM has never entered the world class category. Understandably, the ranking based on the appearance of the website was not considered to be affect college performance. But once learned, it turned out that the Webometrics is credible in raising the reputation of a university. Therefore, then the efforts to achieve the ranking of the world began to be strengthened since the late last year. "So, our preparation is practically just this past year," added Suyatno.


Suyatno was optimistic that in the period ahead, the ranking will be better in line with the UMM academic community awareness to publish their works through the website. Likewise, the website which has been designed so dynamically would stimulate to always manage it properly as a means of communication between UMM and the outside world.


"Actually, we have quite a lot of works. The achievement is also very good. So, there is no barrier to increase the volume of website content," continued Suyatno.


Vice Rector I, Prof. Dr. Ir. Sujono, said of being were proud of this achievement for it proved that in addition to recognition of the country, UMM also gained recognition internationally. Domestically, UMM is on 13th rank according to Globe Asia magazine (2008), 50 promising universities of the Director General of Higher Education (Dikti) version (2007), and four times consecutively as the most excellent private university according to Kopertis of Region VII (2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011) .


Sujono hoped, the achievement would spur the entire UM academic community to add the content and access the website. "Students can also take advantage of UMM web domains through Student Activity Unit or other activity units’ websites," said Sujono.


In webometrics, there are four assessed indicators, namely: size, visibility (number of external websites which link to the UMM website), rich files (content documents in pdf, doc, and ppt formats), and scholar (UMM scientific works which are recognized as a scientific resource by Google Scholar). From the four indicators, the value of UMM rich files has been good enough.


"Meanwhile, the other three indicators still need to be improved. Thus, it is still necessary to work harder to maintain and even improve the ranking on Webometrics in January next year," concluded Suyatno.


Moreover, since last year, UMM Website has been able to be accessed in three languages; Indonesian, English and Arabic. It is intended to serve the needs of foreigners who want to access information about UMM. Several UMM overseas cooperation programs have utilized this website. Therefore, it is no wonder if UMM has been selected by the European Commission as a cooperation partner of students and lecturers exchanges with European universities since 2010. The cooperation through Erasmus Mundus program has even been extended with other programs until 2014. (nas/t_alf)




Wah, bagus banget. UMM peringkat 8 di Indonesia...

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