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Senior High School Teachers in Lamongan Follow Tissue Culture Training
» Friday, 18 March 2011 | 11:21 WIB | Viewed: 4908
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Maftuchah sedang memberikan materi teknik kultur jaringan tanaman

UMM Biotechnology Development Center (Pusbangbiotek)  held again training for biotechnology information  and introduce product of Pusbangbiotek on Wednesday (16/03).

Chief of Pusbangbiotek, Dr. Ir. Saidatul Idiyah, MP, said besides for basic training of tissue culture technique, the event was also as the media to promote Pusbangbiotek' products for Biology teachers of Senior High School in Lamongan who joined in Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran (MGMP).

The participants was really enthusiastic in join training. They appraised UMM Biotechnology was development central of the most developed and developing in Malang.

, besides we can gather in UMM Biotech Laboratory, the material can also be applied positively in Senior High School,” said Suharto, Chief of MGMP. He also said there were so many Biology teachers that suggested conducting the research in UMM Biotech, because one of laboratories at Senior High School in Malang got the products for tissues culture from Pusbangbiotek of UMM.

Pusbangbiotek is one of UMM study center,” Saidatul Idiyah explained. This unit was used to UMM dedication to society. Moreover, Pusbangbiotek conducted follow-up in research through demonstrating and showing biotechnology products

had three units. First, study center was used for discussion about biotech development. Second, study center as the facility for lecturer, students and another group research from UMM outside, and also for analysis service. And third, production unit that was devoted to production that was still the basis of applied production because it was still in research level.The research was absolutely developed in biotechnology field,” added  by Saidatul. (bib/nas/t_nn)



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