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Haedar Nashir: Indonesia Could Revive If Youths Were Honest and Trustworthy
» Thursday, 14 October 2010 | 16:02 WIB | Viewed: 6404
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Tasik Gemilang Riau 

Chief Muhammadiyah Central Leadership, Dr. Haedar Nasir, Thursday (10/14), presented among 250 participants of Personality and Leadership Establishment Program (P2KK) of UMM at Rusunawa I. Haedar gave a lecture on the moral and character strength to face the problem of the nation.

On his speech, Haedar concerned on “breaking into” mental which apparently was already entrenched in Indonesia starting from the top to the bottom. Liking to take shortcuts behavior in achieving a goal are often encountered in everyday life, such as cases of corruption committed by officials or bribery case upon receipt of prospective civil servants (CPNS). "There are many people who want to get rich quickly, success quickly but in a wrong way," said Haedar concerning.

Thus, Haedar invited students to build a strong moral force as well as strong religious force. He deeply regretted the current condition of Indonesian people who were increasingly apprehensive. Indonesian people should have been able to rise from adversity. One of them is by creating the next generation who are intelligent, responsible and have strong faith.

"This country should have been had the next generation who are in accordance with the guidance of the nature of the Prophet Muhammad; shodiq (honest), amanah (trustworthy), tabligh (able to convey) and fathonah (intelligent)," added Haedar. Honesty can be embedded with a start of trying to be honest for the mistakes has been done, at least being true to the self. Trustworthy is able to maintain and run what others entrusted to us. Meanwhile, tabligh is able to deliver idea, opinion or message to others well, either through oral or written form. The other which is also important is fathonah or intelligence.

The role of Muhammadiyah in the nation's character development actually has been started in the beginning of Muhammadiyah. It was evidenced by Kyai Ahmad Dahlan who pioneered the establishment of Muhammadiyah schools which were based on regular and character education. At the end of his speech, Haedar gave the message that young people today should not be mentally and characteristically poor. (tra/nas/t_alf)


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