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UMM Forms Its Hospital Operalization Preparation Team
» Tuesday, 05 October 2010 | 11:20 WIB | Viewed: 4626
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Masjid Kyai Bedjo di kompleks RS UMM sudah mulai difungsikan. UMM telah menyiapkan konsep operasionalisasi RS menyusul tuntasnya pembangunan gedung utama RS itu tahun depan.

UMM had prepared the hospital operalization which had been built since last year. The Rector had already signed the work letter for the team to prepare it. The hospital would be the first education hospital in Malang. The team would be led by the former Dean of Medicine Faculty, dr. Fatoni Sadani. While the Steering Committee was Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP, accompanied by three committee who had different specifications.

The Secretary of Executive Board, Drs. Wakidi, was pointed as to handle the human resource. The Vice Rector II, Drs. Mursidi, MM, handled the hospital facilities and financial, while Ir. Ali Syaifullah, MT, did handle the physical construction.

Mursidi stated that, at least, the UMM hospital would be running the middle of next year. That was why, some units construction, as the requirement, would be finished soon. "We will start to serve the patients in the middle of next year," replied Mursidi.

Meanwhile, the main building construction had reached the finishing step. It had already had 4 floors of the 6 floors, as it was planned before. Then, the supporting buildings would be constructed soon. The hospital would be on 9 hectares land. UMM, this time, had already freed about 8 hectares land. UMM planned to construct a home nursing care and a drug addiction rehabilitation center.

The Masjid, which was in front gate of the hospital, also had already been constructed. It was called KH M. Bedjo Darmolekasono and used for Shalat Jumat (9/24) for the first time.

The hospital construction was begun on 2008. The Indonesian Education Minister Prof. Dr. Bambang Soedibyo, at that time, laid the first stone for its construction. (nas/t_ris)   



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