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BPH Uhamka 'Ngaji' to UMM
» Tuesday, 04 May 2010 | 08:42 WIB | Viewed: 4254
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           Executive Board (BPH) of University of Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka (Uhamka) visited UMM on Monday (5/3). Six people who accompanied Uhamka entourage were Husni Toyyar, Rusdi Hamka, Sumarsono, Suwardi, Pudjo Sumedi and Supriyadi. They were greeted by the rector Muhadjir Effendy and Vice Rector II UMM, Mursidi. The meeting took place in the Meeting Room of UMM Inn.

           Husni Toyyar stated that Uhamka visited UMM for “ngaji” (learning). UMM was the third campus being visited after their previous visit to UMS and UMY. The focus of discussion included matters related relationship between to BPH-university and academic management, budgets, Kemuhammadiyahan (matters related to Muhammadiyah) and student affairs.

           "Every BPH of Muhammadiyah universities have its own particularities in managing the campus. I believe that there is something unique here so that it has powerful esprit de corp, "Husni said admiringly.

           Mursidi explained various programs related to financial management and commitment establishment of the lecturers and the employees. According to Mursidi, UMM employees are not always having Muhammadiyah background. However, later these employees must be processed into Muhammadiyah. "Finding Muhammadiyah people who want to become security is relatively difficult. If there are people who are interested in and have good commitment, although they are not Muhammadiyah yet, we would accept them to be nurtured into Muhammadiyah. This is what dakwah is," said Mursidi giving an example.

           Rector added, though it still has to refer to the Strategic Plan, management should be managed flexibly. Each policy must be followed by the control to run well. "As long as we can be trusted, discretionary policies are sometimes necessary," said Muhadjir.

           When answering questions from Rusdi Hamka about the cadre forming of Muhammadiyah, the rector explained some UMM programs, such as Ulama Tarjih Education Program (PPUT), Beasiswa Yatim (Orphan Scholarship) and IMM coaching. "I think it is true that Muhammadiyah are experiencing ulama (Muslim scholar) crisis. Therefore, PPUT program like this should be encouraged in every Muhammadiyah universities," said the rector.

           Husni was amazed of IMM alumni of UMM who are often outstanding at the central level. He gave an example; IMM cadre now has become the Head of DPP of IMM. Whereas, in UMM all organizations can grow, not only IMM. "That's why UMM students are accustomed to and trained of having competition with other organization so that it seems to be more superior," said Mursidi explaining. (rwp/nast_alf)


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