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BEM UMM Unloads National Pathology
» Monday, 22 March 2010 | 16:06 WIB | Viewed: 3372
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Vice Regent of Malang, Rendra Kresna, becomes a keynote speaker in National Gathering of Muhammadiyah Universities (PTM) event throughout Indonesia



           Student Executive Board (BEM), University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) hosted the National Gathering of Muhammadiyah Universities (PTM) in Indonesia, Monday-Wednesday, (3/22-24), in theater room, UMM Dome. The event which was attended by almost all BEM representatives of PTM in Indonesia was opened Rector III, Drs. Joko Widodo, M.Sc.

           The event began with a national seminar on theme "Unloading the National Pathology; Efforts toward Having National and State Life Better." The keynote speaker was Malang Vice Regent, Rendra Kresna.

           Joko Widodo said, as a cadre of Muhammadiyah, the students must not forget the spirit of Muhammadiyah in which it is guarding the nation development without forgetting the three pillars. "Those three pillars are guarding the health, social and educational aspects. The young generation should be the guardian of the movement of the Indonesian nation. The diverse nation pathology should not only make students to be concerned about it, but also give birth to ideas and concrete steps to make Indonesia better," he said.

           The same thing was stated by Rendra Kresna. The reality in the life of nation and state today requires a lot of improvement. It is because the ‘disease’ which was transmitted by the previous generations or the birth of different interpretations. Therefore, such kind of forums are expected to give birth of the next generations who are able to cure the ‘disease’ and also able to align the inappropriate interpretations.

           "The ‘disease’ appeared due to the fault of—it can be—not only state management, but also different interpretations on the constitution,' said Rendra.

           For example, leader regeneration system is a great example of leader cadre forming in Indonesia. The New Order was filled with stagnant regeneration system; it was naturally seen that a leader led for years until a very long period. "As the result, now there are many leaders who go on the throne of his family," said Rendra.

           The Vice Regent who is an UMM alumnus also said that playing in political arena is not as easy as imagined. Reality is often different from reality being idealized while still becoming activists.

           Rendra himself admitted that he had been a student activist to labor protesters. Although now he is a public official, it does not dampen his spirit of struggle in advancing the nation. He claimed that it can push him thinking the robust strategy so that the ideal goal can be achieved.

           "This kind of gathering needs to be preserved and transmitted to the younger generations, especially for the young Muhammadiyah so that Muhammadiyah is still able to create powerful thinkers who remain civilized," he concluded.

           The Chief of BEM UMM, Ibnun Hasan Mahfud stated that students holds an important roles in escorting a change of Indonesia. One of them is through Silatnas. The participants who consisted of BEM representatives of Muhammadiyah Universities throughout Indonesia would provide an idea of Muhammadiyah student movement. There were touched aspects; which led to social or political and community aspects. "We hope that the result from the event can give recommendations to the nation. Although there is not much which can be given, but we believe that we will color the development of the nation step by step," he said optimistically.

           The seminar presented not only Rendra Krisna, but also the Director of Pesantren Arraudlatul Ilmiyah Nganjuk, Ahmad Khoirul Fatah; the National Presidium of Jaringan Intelektual Muda Muhammadiyah (JIMM), Pradana Boy; Indonesian Legislative Assembly member of Period 2009-2014, Akbar Faisal; the former member of Indonesian Legislative Assembly of 2005-2009, Ali Mochtar Ngabalin and Dean of FISIP UMM, Dr. Wahyudi, M.Si (trs/t_alf)


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