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Festival National of Reog XIX 2012 Officially Opened

» Monday, 12 November 2012 | 11:10 WIB | Viewed: 43618

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Bupati Ponorogo H Amin menabuh gong tanda Festival Reog Nasional ke XIX telah dibuka

LENSAINDONESIA.COM: Thousands of pairs of eyes to witness the opening of the National Reog Festival (FRN) to XIX in 2012 on the main stage Ponorogo Square, Friday (09/11/2012) starting at 20:00 pm. FRN 2012 was opened by the Regent of Ponorogo H. SH Amin.

Festival Reog Ponorogo regency routine agenda is followed by the 53 participants. From all perseta 24 of them come from outside the area.

Of the 29 local participants (Roxburgh) is divided into 2 groups of participants. The first group, there were 21 participants who are representative of all districts. The second group, which was followed by 8 participants are representative of the school or college in the city where reog originated.

"FRN that has become one of the existing tourism product in East Java, not only in the city ponorogo seen by the public as well as from outside the city, but also witnessed by foreign tourists from across the world, one of them tourists from Italy, Australia, USA States and other countries, "said regent in his speech.

"Aside from being a tourism product, the Festival is also part of the container to continue to preserve the art and culture that was already known world," he said before the festival starts beating the gong marks.

Besides pertujukan reyog, there are a variety of indigenous cultural arts performances Ponorogo enough to make the audience amazed there are also some traditional art performances from one of the other areas that directly Betawi arts tampilah of student Jakarta State University (UNJ). @ Arso

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